Signing into Banner Web

Currently enrolled students have access via the WEB to the following:

Class Schedule
Grades — Note: Grades will no longer be mailed. Grade errors and omissions must be reported to the Office of the Registrar within four (4) weeks after the end of each term.
Unofficial Transcript
Account Summary

To access The W's Banner Web System:

  1. Go to the University homepage:
  2. Click on BANNER (bottom of web page on the right side)
  3. USER LOGIN – Your user ID is your Banner ID -- Note: If you do not know your Banner ID, click on "Look Up MUW ID". This will prompt you to enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number. Your MUW ID will then be displayed.
  4. Password – Initially setup with your date of birth (mmddyy) – Note: After you login the first time you will have to change your password. Five incorrect attempts will lock you out of the system. PINs will not be issued over the phone.
  5. Login Verification Change PIN –
    Re-enter Old PIN:
    New PIN: (Must be six characters in length.)
    Re-Enter New PIN.
  6. Login Verification Security Question and Answer:
    If you ever forget your PIN, you can reset it yourself, without calling for assistance.
    Enter your personal Security Question, along with the Answer. This will enable you to access
    your information.
  7. Click on Student Services and you will have the following options:
    Student Schedule and Registration
    Student Records
  8. Click on Student Records – You will then have the following options:
    View Holds
    Final Grades
    Academic Transcript
    Account Summary
  9. Click on Student Schedule and Registration and you will have the following options:
    Select Term – Must select term before you can chose one of the other options.
    Add/Drop Classes (Students must have a RAP# (Registration Access Pin) to add/drop classes.) Students must see their academic advisor to obtain their RAP number.
    Look-up Classes to Add
    Student Schedule by Day & Time
    Student Detail Schedule
  10. PRIVACY – To ensure your privacy and security, you should use the "Exit" Button (located in the top right corner of each page) to exit from the system when you are finished. This will ensure that no one can access the system using your ID and PIN. CLOSE the browser after each session.
  11. TIME LIMIT – There is a limit (5 minutes) to the amount of time you can remain in the system WITHOUT CHANGING WEB PAGES. If you exceed the time limit, you will be logged out and will be required to re-enter your ID and PIN to regain access. To change pages, you can use either the Back and Forward buttons on your browser, or the buttons provided at the top and bottom of each page.