Revised June 2, 2023

CC Course NumberCC Course TitleThe W Course #The W Course TitleHours
ACC 1114Secretarial AccountingACCACC ELEC(Secretarial Accounting)4
ACC 1211Accounting Practice Case IACCACC Elective((Accounting Practice Case I)1
ACC 1213Principles of Accounting IACC 211Principles of Accounting I3
ACC 1221Accounting Practice Case IIACCACC Elective((Accounting Practice Case II)1
ACC 1223Principles of Accounting IIACC 212Principles of Accounting II3
ACC 2113Introduction to Financial AccountingACCACC ELEC(Intro to Financial Acct)3
ACC 2213Principles of Accounting IACC 211Principles of Accounting I3
ACC 2223Principles of Accounting IIACC 212Principles of Accounting II3
ART 1113Art AppreciationART 102Art Appreciation3
ART 1213Introductory ArtARTArt ELEC(Introductory Art)3
ART 1313Drawing IART 105Drawing I3
ART 1323Drawing IIART 106Drawing II3
ART 1383Photography IART 220Photography I3
ART 1393Photography IIARTART ELEC(Photography II)3
ART 1413Design IART 103Design I3
ART 1423Design IIART 104Design II: Color Theory3
ART 1433Design IART 103Design I3
ART 1443Design IIART 104Design II: Color Theory3
ART 1453Three Demensional DesignART 107Three Dimensional Design3
ART 1513Computer ArtART 195Computers in Art3
ART 1811Exhibition Class IARTART ELEC(Exhib Class I)1
ART 1821Exhibition Class IIARTART ELEC(Exhib Class II)1
ART 1913Art for Elementary TeachersARTART ELEC(Art for Elementary Teachers)3
ART 2113The Arts and CultureARTART ELEC(The Arts and Culture)3
ART 2313Drawing IIIART 206Drawing III3
ART 2333Introduction to GraphicsARTART ELEC(Intro to Graphics)3
ART 2353Figure Drawing IART 205Figure Drawing I3
ART 2433Advertising Design IARTART ELEC(Advertising Design I)3
ART 2463Advertising Design IIARTART ELEC(Advertising Design II)3
ART 2513Painting IARTART ELEC(Painting I)3
ART 2523Painting IIARTART ELEC(Painting II)3
ART 2613Ceramics IART 230Ceramics I3
ART 2623Ceramics IIARTART ELEC(Ceramics II)3
ART 2633Sculpture IART 238Sculpture I3
ART 2713Art History IART 211Art History Survey I3
ART 2723Art History IIART 212Art History Survey II3
ART 2811Exhibition Class IIIARTART ELEC(Exhib Class III)1
ART 2821Exhibition Class IVARTART ELEC(Exhib Class IV)1
ART 2913Special StudioARTART ELEC(Special Studio)3
ART 2923Special Studio IIARTART ELEC(Special Studio II)3
BAD 1113Introduction to BusinessBU 111Introduction to Business3
BAD 1121Business Seminar IBUBU ELEC(Business Seminar I)1
BAD 1131Business Seminar IIBUBU ELEC(Business Seminar II)1
BAD 1141Business Seminar IIIBUBU ELEC(Business Seminar III)1
BAD 1151Business Seminar IVBUBU ELEC(Business Seminar IV)1
BAD 1213Introduction to International BusinessBUBU ELEC(Introduction to International Business)3
BAD 1313Business MathematicsBUBU ELEC(Business Mathematics)3
BAD 2213Intro to MarketingMKTMKT ELEC(Marketing)3
BAD 2223Business StatistiicsMA 123Statistics 
BAD 2323Business StatisticsMA 123Statistics3
BAD 2413Legal Enviroment of Business IPLG 241Legal Environment of Business3
BAD 2423Legal Enviroment of Business IIPLGPLG ELEC(Legal Environment of Business II)3
BAD 2513Principles of ManagementMGTMGT ELEC(Principles of Management)3
BAD 2523Personal Financial ManagementFIN 240Personal Finance3
BAD 2533Computer Apps in Business & IndustryMIS 157Information Systems Using Micros3
BAD 2613EntrepreneurshipENT 280Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
BAD 2713Principles of Real EstateBUBU ELEC(Principles of Real Estate)3
BAD 2723Real Estate LawBUBU ELEC(Real Estate Law)3
BAD 2733Real Estate FinanceBUBU ELEC(Real Estate Finance)3
BAD 2743Real Estate Appraisal IBUBU ELEC(Real Estate Appraisal I)3
BAD 2753Real Estate Appraisal IIBUBU ELEC(Real Estate Appraisal II)3
BAD 2763Property ManagementBUBU ELEC(Property Management)3
BAD 2813Administrative CommunicationsMGTMGT ELEC(Administrative Communications)3
BAD 2823Industrial Human RelationsMGTMGT ELEC(Industrial Human Relations)3
BAD 2833Principles of Training & DevelopmentMGTMGT ELEC(Principles of Training & Development)3
BAD 2843Industrial SafetyMGTMGT(Industrial Safety)3
BAD 2853Business EthicsPHLPHL ELEC(Business Ethics)3
BAD 2863Strategies for Technology TrainingMGTMGT ELEC(Strategies for Technology Training)3
BAD 2873Workforce Development ModelsMGTMGT ELEC(Workforce Development Models)3
BIO 1111Principles of Biology I LabBSB 151LGeneral Biology I Lab1
BIO 1113Principles of Biology IBSB 151General Biology I3
BIO 1114Principles of Biology I w/LabBSB 151General Biology I4
BSB 151LGeneral Biology I Lab
BIO 1121Principles of Biology II LabBSB 152LGeneral Biology II Lab1
BIO 1123Principles of Biology IIBSB 152General Biology II3
BIO 1124Principles of Biology II w/LabBSB 152General Biology II4
BSB 152LGeneral Biology II Lab
BIO 1131General Biology I LabBSB 151LGeneral Biology I Lab1
BIO 1133General Biology IBSB 151 General Biology I3
BIO 1134General Biology I w/LabBSB 151 General Biology I4
BSB 151LGeneral Biology I Lab
BIO 1141General Biology II LabBSB 152LGeneral Biology II Lab1
BIO 1143General Biology IIBSB 152 General Biology II3
BIO 1144General Biology II w/LabBSB 152 General Biology II4
BSB 152LGeneral Biology II Lab
BIO 1211Enviromental Science LabSM 101Enviromental Science I4
BIO 1213Enviromental Science
BIO 1214Environmental Science w/LabSM 101Environmental Science I4
BIO 1311Botany I LabBSBBSB ELEC(Botany I Lab)1
BIO 1313Botany IBSBBSB ELEC(Botany I)3
BIO 1314Botany I w/LabBSBBSB ELEC(Botany I  w/Lab)4
BIO 1321Botany II LabBSBBSB ELEC(Botany II Lab)1
BIO 1323Botany IIBSBBSB ELEC(Botany II)3
BIO 1324Botany II w/LabBSBBSB ELEC(Botany II)4
BIO 1511Principles of Anat and Physiology I LabBSB 141Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 1513Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 1514Prin of Anatomy & Physiology I w/LabBSB 141Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 1521Prin of Anatomy and Physiology II LabBSB 142Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 1523Principles of Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 1524Prin of Anatomy & Physiology II w/LabBSB 142Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 1531Survey of Anatomy and Physiology LabBSB 141Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 1533Survey of Anatomy and Physiology   
BIO 1534Survey of Anatomy and PhysiologyBSB 141Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 1613NutritionFN 225Nutrition3
BIO 1924MicrobiologyBSM 131General Microbiology3
  BSM 131LGeneral Microbiology Lab1
BIO 2211Introduction to Marine Science LabBSBBSB ELEC(Introduction to Marine Science Lab)1
BIO 2213Introduction to Marine ScienceBSBBSB ELEC(Introduction to Marine Science)3
BIO 2214Introduction to Marine ScienceBSBBSB ELEC(Introduction to Marine Science)4
BIO 2231Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology LabBSBBSB ELEC(Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology Lab)1
BIO 2233Aquatic and Terrestrial EcologyBSBBSB ELEC(Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology)3
BIO 2234Aquatic and Terrestrial EcologyBSBBSB ELEC(Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology)4
BIO 2311Dendrology LabBSBBSB ELEC(Dendrology Lab)1
BIO 2313DendrologyBSBBSB ELEC(Dendrology)3
BIO 2314DendrologyBSBBSB ELEC(Dendrology)4
BIO 2411Zoology I LabBSBBSB ELEC(Zoology I Lab)1
BIO 2413Zoology IBSBBSB ELEC(Zoology I)3
BIO 2414Zoology I w/LabBSBBSB ELEC(Zoology I w/Lab)4
BIO 2421Zoology II LabBSBBSB ELEC(Zoology II Lab)1
BIO 2423Zoology IIBSBBSB ELEC(Zoology II)3
BIO 2424Zoology II w/LabBSBBSB ELEC(Zoology II w/Lab)4
BIO 2431General Zoology LabBSBBSB ELEC(General Zoology Lab)1
BIO 2433General ZoologyBSBBSB ELEC(General Zoology)3
BIO 2434General Zoology w/LabBSBBSB ELEC(General Zoology w/ Lab)4
BIO 2511Anatomy & Physiology I LabBSB 141Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 2513Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 2514Anatomy & Physiology I w/LabBSB 141Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 2521Anatomy & Physiology II LabBSB 142Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 2523Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 2524Anatomy & Physiology II w/LabBSB 142Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 2611Cell Biology LabBSBBSB ELEC(Cell Biology Lab)1
BIO 2613Cell BiologyBSBBSB ELEC(Cell Biology)3
BIO 2614Cell Biology w/LabBSBBSB ELEC(Cell Biology w/ lab)4
BIO 2921Microbiology LabBSM 131LGeneral Microbiology Lab1
BIO 2923MicrobiologyBSM 131General Microbiology3
BIO 2924Microbiology w/LabBSM 131General Microbiology4
BSM 131LGeneral Microbiology Lab
BOA 1113Elementary TypewritingELECELEC(Elementary Typewriting)3
BOA 1123Intermediate TypewritingELECELEC(Intermediate Typewriting)3
BOA 1313Filing-Records ManagementELECELEC(Filing-Records Management)3
BOA 1411KeyboardingELECELEC(Keyboarding)1
BOA 1413KeyboardingELECELEC(Keyboarding)3
BOA 2113Advanced TypewritingELECELEC(Advanced Typewriting)3
BOA 2413Secretarial PracticeELECELEC(Secretarial Practice)3
BOA 2533Word Processing IELECELEC(Word Processing I)3
BOA 2543Word Processing IIELECELEC(Word Processing II)3
BOA 2553Desktop PublishingMISMIS ELEC(Desktop Publishing)3
BOA 2613Business CommunicationsELECELEC(Business Communications)3
BOA 2713Spreadsheet ApplicationsMIS 160Spreadsheet Application3
CHE 1111Chemistry Survey LabPSPS ELEC(Chemistry Survey Lab)1
CHE 1113Chemistry Survey.PS 108Introductory Chemistry3
CHE 1114Chemistry Survey w/LabPS PS ELEC(General Chemistry Survey)4
CHE 1211Genral Chemistry I LabPSC 111LGeneral Chemistry I Lab1
CHE 1213General Chemistry IPSC 111General Chemistry I3
CHE 1214General Chemistry I w/LabPSC 111General Chemistry I4
PSC 111LGeneral Chemistry I Lab
CHE 1221General Chemistry II LabPSC 112LGeneral Chemistry II Lab1
CHE 1223General Chemistry IIPSC 112General Chemistry II3
CHE 1224General Chemistry II w/LabPSC 112General Chemistry II4
PSC 112LGeneral Chemistry II Lab
CHE 1311Principles of Chemistry I LabPSC 111LGeneral Chemistry I Lab1
CHE 1313Principles of Chemistry IPSC 111General Chemistry I3
CHE 1314Principles of Chemistry I w/LabPSC 111General Chemistry I4
PSC 111LGeneral Chemistry I Lab
CHE 1321Principles of Chemistry II  LabPSC 112LPrinciples of Chemistry II  Lab1
CHE 1323Principles of Chemistry IIPSC 112General Chemistry II3
CHE 1324Principles of Chemistry II w/LabPSC 112General Chemistry II4
PSC 112LGeneral Chemistry II Lab
CHE 1411Organic and Biochemistry Survey LabPSCPSC ELEC(Organic and Biochem Survey Lab)1
CHE 1413Organic and Biochemistry SurveyPSCPSC ELEC(Organic and Biochemistry Survey)3
CHE 1414Organic and Biochemistry Survey w/LabPSCPSC ELEC(Organic and Biochemistry Survey w/Lab)4
CHE 2411Intro Organic Chemistry LabPSCPSC ELEC(Intro Organic Chemistry Lab)1
CHE 2413Intro Organic ChemistryPSCPSC ELEC(Intro Organic Chemistry)3
CHE 2414Intro Organic Chemistry w/LabPSCPSC ELEC(Intro Organic Chemistry w/Lab)4
CHE 2421Organic Chemistry I LabPSC 211LOrganic Chemistry I Lab1
CHE 2423Organic Chemistry IPSC 211Organic Chemistry I3
CHE 2424Organic Chemistry I w/LabPSC 211Organic Chemistry I4
PSC 211LOrganic Chemistry I Lab
CHE 2431Organic Chemistry II LabPSC 212LOrganic Chemistry II Lab1
CHE 2433Organic Chemistry IIPSC 212LOrganic Chemistry II3
CHE 2434Organic Chemistry II w/LabPSC 212Organic Chemistry II4
PSC 212LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
COM 1113Public Speaking ICOM 101Oral Communication3
COM 1413Fundamentals of BroadcastingCOMCOM ELEC(Broadcasting)3
COM 1423Introduction to BroadcastingCOM 102Intro to Mass Communication3
COM 1433Announcing for Radio and TVCOM 204Announcing for the Media3
COM 1443Radio ProductionCOMCOM ELEC(Radio Production)3
COM 1463TV ProductionCOM 103Intro to Media Technology3
COM 1511Radio/TV Production LabCOMCOM ELEC(Radio/TV Production Lab)1
COM 1521Radio/TV Production Lab IICOMCOM ELEC(Radio/TV Production Lab II)1
COM 2463Writing for the Electronic MediaCOMCOM ELEC(Writing for the Electronic Media)3
COM 2483Introduction to Mass CommunicationCOM 102Intro to Mass Communication3
COM 2511Radio/TV Production Lab IIICOMCOM ELEC(Radio/TV Production Lab III)1
COM 2521Radio/TV Production Lab IVCOMCOM ELEC(Radio/TV Production Lab IV)1
CRJ 1313Intro to Criminal JusticePLGPLG ELEC(Introduction to Criminal Justice)3
CRJ 1323Police Admin and OrganizationELECELEC(Police Admin and Organization)3
CRJ 1333Police Admin and Organization IIELECELEC(Police Admin and Organization II)3
CRJ 1343Police and Community RelationsELECELEC(Police and Community Relations)3
CRJ 1353Internship in Criminal JusticeELECELEC(Internship in Criminal Justice)3
CRJ 1363Introduction to CorrectionsELECELEC(Introduction to Correction)3
CRJ 1373Introduction to Homeland SecurityELECELEC(Introduction to Homeland Security)3
CRJ 1383CriminologyELECELEC(Criminology)3
CRJ 2213Traffic LawELECELEC(Traffic Law)3
CRJ 2313Police OperationsELECELEC(Police Operations)3
CRJ 2323Criminal LawPLGPLG ELEC(Criminal Law)3
CRJ 2333Criminal InvestigationELECELEC(Criminal Investigation)3
CRJ 2343Criminal Investigatio IIELECELEC(Criminal Investigation II)3
CRJ 2363Criminal Court PracticeELECELEC(Criminal Court Practice)3
CRJ 2393Survey of CriminalisticsELECELEC(Survey of Criminalistics)3
CRJ 2413Administration of Crim JusticeELECELEC(Admin of Criminal Justice)3
CRJ 2423Administration of Crim Justice IIELECELEC(Admin of Criminal Justice II)3
CRJ 2513Juvenile JusticeELECELEC(Juvenile Justice)3
CRJ 2613Computer SecurityELECELEC(Computer Security)3
CRJ 2623Assets ProtectionELECELEC(Assets Protection)3
CRJ 2713Foundations of TerrorismELECELEC(Foundations of Terrorism)3
CRJ 2723Intelligence Analysis & Security MgtELECELEC(Intelligence Analysis & Security Mgt)3
CRJ 2733Transportation and Border SecurityELECELEC(Transportation and Border Security)3
CSC 1113Computer ConceptsMIS 157Info Sys Using Microcomputers3
CSC 1123Computer Applications IMIS 157Info Sys Using Microcomputers3
CSC 1133Computer Applications IIMIS 160Spreadsheet Application3
CSC 1213Visual Basic Computer Programming IMIS 295Destktop Application Development3
CSC 1223Visual Basic Computer Programming IIMISMIS ELEC(Visual Basic Computer Programming II)3
CSC 1313Fortran ProgrammingSM 125Fortran3
CSC 1613Computer Programming IMIS 296Object Oriented Programmimg3
CSC 2134Programming I with C++SM 135Programmim in C++4
 CSC 2143Computer Progam IISMSM ELEC(Computer Program II)3
CSC 2144Programming II with C++SM 135Programming in C++3
CSC 2323Fortran ProgrammingMISMIS ELEC(Fortran Programming)3
CSC 2413COBOL Programming w/LabMISBU ELEC(COBOL Programming w/Lab)3
CSC 2144Programming II w/ C++MISMIS ELEC(Programing II w/C++)3
CSC 2543Computer Org and Assembly LangMISMIS ELEC(Computer Org and Assembly Lang)3
CSC 2623Computer Programming IIMISMIS ELEC(Computer Programming II)3
CSC 2833Discrete StructuresMISMIS ELEC(Discrete Structures)3
CSC 2844Data StructuresMIS 298Data Structures4
DAN 1113Dance AppreciationDANDAN ELEC(Dance Appreciation)3
ECO 2113Principles of MacroeconomicsEC 201Principles of Economics I3
ECO 2123Principles of MicroeconomicsEC 202Principles of Economics II3
ENG 1113English Composition IEN 101English Composition I3
ENG 1123English Composition IIEN 102English Compostition II3
ENG 2133Creative Writing IENEN ELEC(Creative Writing I)3
ENG 2143Creative Writing IIENEN ELEC(Creative Writing II)3
ENG 2153Traditional GrammarENEN ELEC(Traditional Grammar)3
ENG 2223American Literature IEN 203Survey of Early American Lit I3
ENG 2233American Literature IIEN 204Survey of Late American Lit II3
ENG 2323British Literature IEN 201Survey of Early English Literature3
ENG 2333British Literature IIEN 202Survey Of Late English Literature3
ENG 2413Survey of World Literature IEN 231Survey of Early World Literature3
ENG 2423World Literature IEN 231Survey of Early World Literature3
ENG 2433World Literature IIEN 232Survey of Late World Literature3
ENG 2613Film as LiteratureFILMFILM ELEC(Film as Literature)3
ENG 2913Occupational WritingENEN ELEC(Occupational Writing)3
ENG 2923Professional WritingENEN ELEC(Professional Writing)3
EPY 2513Child PsychologyPSYPSY ELEC(Child Psychology)3
EPY 2523Adolescent PsychologyPSYPSY ELEC(Adolescent Psychology)3
EPY 2533Human Growth & DevelopmentPSY 206Human Growth & Development3
FCS 1112Social and Professional DevelopmentELECELEC(Social and Professional Development)2
FCS 1121Survey of Family & Consumer SciencesELECELEC(Survey of Family & Consumer Sciences)1
FCS 1131Introduction to ModelingELECELEC(Introduction to Modeling)1
FCS 1213Food Selection and PreparationELECELEC(Food Selection and Preparation)3
FCS 1233Principles of NutritionFN 225Nutrition3
FCS 1253NutritionFN 225Nutrition3
FCS 2213Meal ManagementELECELEC(Meal Management)3
FCS 2413Interior DesignELECELEC(Interior Design)3
FCS 2813Family RelationsFSFS ELEC(Family Relations)3
GEO 1113World GeographyGEO 101Elements of World Geography3
GEO 1123Principles of GeographyGEOGEO ELEC(Principles of Geology)3
GEO 1213Introduction to MeteorologyELECELEC(Introduction to Meteorology)3
GEO 1223Introduction to OceanographyELECELEC(Introduction to Oceanography)3
GEO 1233Introduction to ClimatologyELECELEC(Introduction to Climatoplogy)3
GEO 2313Maps and Remote SensingELECELEC(Maps and Remote Sensing)3
GEO 2413The OceansELECELEC(The Oceans)3
GLY 1111Physical Geology LabELECELEC(Physical Geology Lab)1
GLY 1113Physical GeologyELECELEC(Physical Geology)3
GLY 1123Historical GeologyELECELEC(Historical Geology)3
GRA 1113Engineering DrawingELECELEC(Engineering Drawing)3
GRA 1143Graphic Communication IELECELEC(Graphic Communication I)3
GRA 1153Graphic Communication IIELECELEC(Graphic Communication II)3
HIS 1113Western Civilization IHIS 101World Civilization to 16003
HIS 1123Western Civilization IIHIS 102World Civilization 1600 to Present3
HIS 1163World Civilization IHIS 101World Civilization to 16003
HIS 1173World Civilization IIHIS 102World Civilization 1600 to Present3
HIS 1613Survey of African American HistoryHISHIS ELEC(Survey of African American History)3
HIS 2213American U.S. History IHIS 109United States History to  18773
HIS 2223American U.S. History IIHIS 110United States History 1977 to Present3
HIS 2813Special Problems in History/Social StudHISHIS ELEC(Spec Prob in His/Soc Studies)3
HPR 1111General Physical Ed Activities IKINKIN ELEC(General Physical Ed Activities I)1
HPR 1121General Physical Ed Activities IIKINKIN ELEC(General Physical Ed Activities II)1
HPR 1131Varsity Sports IKINKIN ELEC(Varsity Sports I)1
HPR 1141Varsity Sports IIKINKIN ELEC(Varsity Sports II)1
HPR 1213Personal & Community Health IHED 101Personal and Community Health3
HPR 1223Personal and Community Health IIHED 101Personal and Community Health3
HPR 1313Intro Health, PE & RecreationHED KIN ELEC(Intro Health, PE & Recreation)3
HPR 1511Team Sports IKINKIN ELEC(Team Sports I)1
HPR 1521Team Sports IIKINKIN ELEC(Team Sports II)1
HPR 1531Individual & Dual Sports IKINKIN ELEC(Individual & Dual Sports I)1
HPR 1541Individual & Dual Sports IIKINKIN ELEC(Individual & Dual Sports II)1
HPR 1551Fitness & Conditiioning Training IKINKIN ELEC(Fitness & Conditioning Training I)1
HPR 1561Fitness & Conditioning Training IIKINKIN ELEC(Fitness & Conditioning Training II)1
HPR 1571Dance IELECELEC(Dance I)1
HPR 1581Dance IIELECELEC(Dance II)1
HPR 1591Health Concepts of Physical ActivityHEDHKH ELEC(Health Concepts of Phy Activity)1
HPR 1613P.E. in Elementary SchoolKINKIN ELEC(P.E. in Elem. School)3
HPR 1711Sports AppreciationKINKIN ELEC(Sports Appreciation)1
HPR 1751Nutrition and Wellness IKINKIN ELEC(Nutrition and Wellness)1
HPR 1761Nutrition and Wellness IIKINKIN ELEC(Nutrition and Wellness II)1
HPR 2111General Activities IIIKINKIN ELEC(General Activities III)1
HPR 2121General Activities IVKINKIN ELEC(General Activities IV)1
HPR 2131Varsity Sports IIIKINKIN ELEC(Varsity Sports III)1
HPR 2141Varsity Sports IVKINKIN ELEC(Varsity Sports IV)1
HPR 2213First Aid & CPRKINKIN ELEC(First Aid & CPR)1
HPR 2221Lifeguarding and Water SafetyKINKIN ELEC(Lifeguarding and Water Safety)1
HPR 2231Water Safety InstructorKINKIN ELEC(Water Safety Instructor)1
HPR 2323Recreational LeadershipKIN 253Leadership in Community Recreation3
HPR 2412Indiv Team Sport OfficiatingKINKIN ELEC(Indv Team Sport Officiating)2
HPR 2423Football TheoryKIN 176Practice & Theory of Football3
HPR 2433Basketball TheoryKINKIN ELEC(Basketball Theory)3
HPR 2443Soccer TheoryKINKIN ELEC(Soccer Theory)3
HPR 2453Baseball TheoryKINKIN ELEC(Baseball Theory)3
HPR 2462Coaching Major Sports IKINKIN ELEC(Coaching Major Sports I)2
HPR 2472Coaching Major Sports IIKINKIN ELEC(Coaching Major Sports II)2
HPR 2483Track TheoryKINKIN ELEC(Track Theory)3
HPR 2493Softball TheoryKINKIN ELEC(Softball Theory)3
HPR 2511Team Sports IIIKINKIN ELEC(Team Sports III)1
HPR 2521Team Sports IVKINKIN ELEC(Team Sports IV)1
HPR 2531Individual & Dual Sports IIIKINKIN ELEC(Individual & Dual Sports III)1
HPR 2541Individual & Dual Sports IVKINKIN ELEC(Individual & Dual Sports IV)1
HPR 2551Fitness & Conditioning Training IIIKINKIN ELEC(Fitness & Conditioning Training III)1
HPR 2561Fitness & Conditioning Training IVKINKIN ELEC(Fitness & Conditioning Training IV)1
HPR 2581Dance IVELECELEC(Dance IV)1
HPR 2711Athletic Training TerminologyKINKIN ELEC(Athletic Training Terminology)1
HPR 2723Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries2213KIN ELEC(Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries)3
HPR 2733Introduction to Athletic TrainingKINKIN ELEC(Introduction to Athletic Training)3
JUO 1111College Publications ICOMCOM ELEC(College Publications I)1
JUO 1121College Publications IICOMCOM ELEC(College Publications II)1
JOU 1223Basic News ReportingCOMCOM ELEC(Basic News Reporting)3
JUO 1313News Writing & Reporting ICOMCOM ELEC(News Writing & Reporting I)3
JUO 1323News Writing & Reporting IICOMCOM ELEC(News Writing & Reporting II)3
JUO 2111College Publications IIICOMCOM ELEC(College Publications III)1
JUO 2121College Publications IVCOMCOM ELEC(College Publications IV)1
MAT 1233Intermediate AlgebraMA 100Intermediate Algebra 
MAT 1313College AlgebraMA 113College Algebra3
MAT 1323TrigonometryMA 114Trigonometry3
MAT 1333Finite MathematicsMAMA ELEC(Finite Math)3
MAT 1343Pre-CalculusMAMA ELEC(Pre-Calculus)3
MAT 1513Business Calculus IMA 150Survey of Calculus3
MAT 1523Business Calculus IIMA 150Survey of Calculus3
MAT 1611Calculus I LabMATMAT ELEC(Calculus I Lab)1
MAT 1613Calculus IMA 181Calculus I3
MAT 1621Calculus II LabMATMAT ELEC(Calculus II Lab)1
MAT 1623Calculus IIMA 182Calculus II3
MAT 1723The Real Number SystemMAMA ELEC(The Real Number System)3
MAT 1733Geometry, Measurement, ProbabilityMA 112Modern Elem Math II3
MAT 1743Problem Solving With Real NumbersMAMA ELEC(Problem Solving With Real Numbers)3
MAT 1753Quantitative ReasoningMAMA ELEC(Quantitative Reasoning)3
MAT 1815Calculus I-AMA 181Calculus I5
MAT 1825Calculus II-AMA 182Calculus II5
MAT 2113Intro  to Linear AlgebraMAMA ELEC(Intro to Linear Algebra)3
MAT 2323StatisticsMA 123Statistics3
MAT 2513Elementary Mathematical AnalysisMAMA ELEC(Elementary Mathematical Analysis)3
MAT 2613Calculus IIIMA 283Calculus III3
MAT 2623Calculus IVMA 284Calculus IV3
MAT 2913Differential EquationsMAMA ELEC(Differential Equations)3
MFL 1113French IFLF 101French I4
MFL 1123French IIFLF 102French II4
MFL 1213Spanish IFLS 101Spanish I4
MFL 1223Spanish IIFLS 102Spanish II4
MFL 1313German IELECELEC(German I)3
MFL 1323German IIELECELEC(German II)3
MFL 1413Japanese IELECELEC(Japanese I)3
MFL 1423Japanese IIELECELEC(Japanese II)3
MFL 1513Russian IELECELEC(Russian I)3
MFL 1523Russian IIELECELEC(Russian II)3
MFL 1713Italian IELECELEC(Italian I)3
MFL 1723Italian IIELECELEC(Italian II)3
MFL 2113French IIIFLF 201French III3
MFL 2123French IVFLF 202French IV3
MFL 2213Spanish IIIFLS 201Spanish III3
MFL 2223Spanish IVFLS 202Spanish IV3
MFL 2243Spanish Conversation IFLSFLS ELEC(Spanish Conversation I)3
MFL 2253Spanish Conversation IIFLSFLS ELEC(Spanish Conversation II)3
MFL 2313German IIIELECELEC(German III)3
MFL 2323German IVELECELEC(German IV)3
MFL 2513Occupational SpanishELECELEC(Occupational Spanish)3
MFL 2613Foreign Language Study AbroadELECELEC(Foreign Language Study Abroad)3
MFL 2713Italian IIIELECELEC(Italian III)3
MFL 2723Italian IVELECELEC(Italian IV)3
MUAAll Courses With MUA PrefixMUSMUS ELEC(Elective Courses) 
MUOAll Courses With MUO PrefixMUSMUS ELEC(Elective Courses) 
MUS 1113Music AppreciationMUS 100Music Appreciation3
MUSAll Other Courses With MUS PrefixMUSMUS ELEC(Elective Courses) 
PHI 1113Old Testament SurveyREL 101Old Testament Introduction3
PHI 1133New Testament SurveyREL 102New Testament Introduction3
PHI 1153Jesus and the GospelsRELREL(Jesus and the Gospels)3
PHI 1163Acts and the EpistlesRELREL(Acts and the Epistles)3
PHI 2113Intro Philosophy IPHL 201Intro to Philosophy3
PHI 2123Intro to Philosophy IIPHLPHL ELEC(Intro to Philosophy II)3
PHI 2143EthicsPHL 204Ethics3
PHI 2613World Religions IREL 213Religions of the World3
PHI 2623World Religions IIREL 213Religions of the World3
PHI 2713LogicPHL 205Logic3
PHY 1111Intro to Astronomy LabPSPS ELEC(Intro to Astronomy Lab)1
PHY 1113Intro to AstronomyPS 106Introductory Astronomy3
PHY 1114Introduction to AstronomyPS 106Introductory Astronomy3
PHY 1211Survey of Physics LabPSPPSP ELEC(Survey of Physics Lab)1
PHY 1213Survey of PhysicsPS 107Introductory Physics3
PHY 1214Survey of PhysicsPS 107Introductory Physics3
PHY 2241Physical Science I LabPSPS ELEC(Physical Science Survey I Lab)1
PHY 2243Physical Science IPSPS ELEC(Physical Science Survey I)3
PHY 2244Physical Science I w/LabPSPS ELEC(Physical Science Survey I w/Lab)4
PHY 2251Physical Science I LabPSPS ELEC(Physical Science Survey I Lab)1
PHY 2253Physical Science IIPSPS ELEC(Physical Science Survey II)3
PHY 2254Physical Science Survey II w/LabPSPS ELEC(Physical Science Survey II w/Lab)4
PHY 2311Physics I LabPSPS ELEC(Physics I Lab)1
PHY 2313Physics I w/LabPSPS ELEC(Physics I w/Lab)3
PHY 2321Physics II labPSPPSP ELEC(Physics II Lab)1
PHY 2323Physics II w/LabPSPPSP ELEC(Physics II w/Lab)3
PHY 2331Physics III LabPSPPSP ELEC(Physics III Lab)1
PHY 2333Physics III w/LabPSPPSP ELEC(Physics III w/Lab)3
PHY 2411General Physics I LabPSP 211General Physics I4
PHY 2413General Physics I
PHY 2414General Physics I w/LabPSP 211General Physics I4
PHY 2421General Physics II LabPSP 212General Physics II4
PHY 2423General Physics II
PHY 2424General Physics II w/LabPSP 212General Physics II4
PHY 2511General Physics 1-A LabPSP 213General Physics II (Calculus Based)4
PHY 2513General Physics 1-A
PHY 2514General Physics I-A w/LabPSP 213General Physics(Calculus Based)4
PHY 2521General  Physics II-A LabPSP 214General Physics II-A (Calculus Based)4
PHY 2523General Physics II -A
PHY 2524General Physics II-A w/LabPSP 214General Physics(Calculus Based)4
PLG 1113Intro to Paralegal StudiesPLG 101Ethics and Academic Integrity3
PLG 2213Paralegal Biblio & Research IPLG 200Legal Bibliography and Research I3
PSC 1113American National GovernmentPOL 150American Government3
PSC 1123American State & Local GovernmentPOLPOL ELEC(American State & Local Government)3
PSC 2113Comparitive GovernmentPOLPOL ELEC(Comparative Government)3
PSY 1513General PsychologyPSY 101General Psychology3
PSY 1523General Psychology IIPSYPSY ELEC(General Psychology II)3
PSY 2113Lab in PSY: Cognition and BehaviorPSYPSY ELEC(Lab in PSY:Cognition and Behavior)3
PSY 2553Psychology of Personal AdjustmentPSYPSY ELEC(Psychology of Personal Adjustment)3
SOC 1113Intro To Social ScienceSOCSOC ELEC(Intro To Social Science)3
SOC 1213Community InvolvementSOCSOC ELEC(Community Involvement)3
SOC 1513Ethnic RelationsSOCSOC ELEC(Ethnic Relations)3
SOC 2113Introduction to SociologySOC 201Principles of Sociology3
SOC 2123Intro to Sociology IISOCSOC ELEC(Intro to Sociology II)3
SOC 2133Social ProblemsSOCSOC ELEC(Social Problems)3
SOC 2143Marriage and FamilySOCSOC ELEC(Marriage and Family)3
SOC 2153The FamilySOCSOC ELEC(The Family)3
SOC 2213Introductory AnthropologyELECELEC(Introductory Anthropology)3
SOC 2243Cultural AnthropologyELECELEC(Cultural Anthropology)3
SPT 1113Public Speaking ICOM 101Oral Communication3
SPT 1123Public Speaking IICOMCOM ELEC(Public Speaking II)3
SPT 1131Forensics ICOMCOM ELEC(Forensics I)1
SPT 1141ForensicsIICOMCOM ELEC(Forensics II)1
SPT 1153Voice, Diction and PhoneticsSPA 201Phonetics3
SPT 1163Argumentation and DebateCOMCOM ELEC(Argumentation and Debate)3
SPT 1213Fundamentals of Theatre ProductionTH 175Theatre Appreciation3
SPT 1233Acting ITH 219Beginning Acting3
SPT 1241Drama Production ITHTH ELEC(Drama Production I)1
SPT 1251Drama Production IITHTH ELEC(Drama Production II)1
SPT 1273Theatrical Make-UpTHTH ELEC(Theatrical Make-Up)3
SPT 2111Forensics IIICOMCOM ELEC(Forensics III)1
SPT 2121Forensics IVCOMCOM ELEC(Forensics IV)1
SPT 2143Oral InterpretationTHTH ELEC(Oral Interpretation)3
SPT 2173Interpersonal CommunicationCOMCOM ELEC(Interpersonal Communication)3
SPT 2223StagecraftTHTH ELEC(Stagecraft)3
SPT 2233Theatre AppreciationTH 175Theatre Appreciation3
SPT 2241Drama Production IIITHTH ELEC(Drama Production III)1
SPT 2251Drama Production IVTHTH ELEC(Drama Production IV)1
SPT 2263DirectingTHTH ELEC(Directing)3
SPT 2283Acting IITHTH ELEC(Acting II)3
SPT 2313PlaywritingTHTH ELEC(Playwriting)3
SPT 2323The History of TheatreTH 175Theatre Appreciation3
SPT 2333Intro to Dramatic ArtsTHTH ELEC(Intro to Dramatic Arts)3