Mississippi University for Women will grant credit to students for a score of 3 or higher on the College Entrance Examination Board’s (CEEB) Advanced Placement Program offered through their high schools. Credit is not recorded until the student has registered for classes at The W. A $25.00 fee per course will be posted to the student’s account before AP credit is posted to the student’s transcript. Any acceptable AP score may be used as an elective credit, but only specific exams can fulfill university program requirements.

The W offers credit to students who score 3 or higher on the following Advanced Placement (AP) Subject Exams. To receive credit for AP exams, official scores must be sent to The W. A recording fee is required for each exam receiving credit.

AP ExamScores
MUW CourseCredits
American History3 or higherHIS 109: US History 1877 to present3 hours
Art History3 or higherART 212: Art History Survey II3 hours
Biology3 or higherBSB 151: General Biology I and
BSB 151L: General Biology II
6 hours*
Calculus AB3 or higherMA 181: Calculus I3 hours
Calculus BC3 or higherMA 181: Calculus I and
MA 182: Calculus II
6 hours
Chemistry3 or higherPSC 111: General Chemistry I and
PSC 112: General Chemistry II
6 hours*
English/Lit Comp3EN 101: English Composition I3 hours
English/Lit Comp4 or 5EN 101: English Composition I and
EN 102: English Composition II
6 hours
European History3 or higherHIS 102: World Civilization 1600 to present3 hours
Human Growth3 or higherPSY 206: Human Growth and Development3 hours
Macroeconomics3 or higherEC 201 – Principles of Economics I3 hours
Microeconomics3 or higherEC 202 – Principles of Economics II3 hours
Music Theory4 or higherMUS 101: Music Theory3 hours*
Physics B3 or higherPSP 211: Physics I and
PSP 212: Physics II
6 hours*
Psychology3 or higherPSY 101: General Psychology3 hours
Sociology3 or higherSOC 201: Principles of Sociology3 hours
Spanish Lang5 or higherFLS 101: Spanish I and
FLS 102: Spanish II
8 hours
Statistics3 or higherMA 123: Statistics3 hours
US Government and Politics3 or higherPOL 150: American Government3 hours
World History3 or higherHIS 102: World Civilization 1600 to present3 hours

*Does not include lab