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 Important Dates


Fall 2019

(full term)

Spring 2020

(full term)

Summer 2020

(full term)

Registration Day

Aug 21

Jan 7

May 19

Classes Begin

Aug 22

Jan 8

May 20

Last Day to Add/Drop a Class in Banner

Aug 28

Jan 14

May 22

Last Day to Withdrawal with 100% refund

Aug 28

Jan 14

May 22

No-Show Reporting Date – Students who fail to attend classes by this date will have their registration canceled

Aug 28

Jan 14

May 22

Last Day to Drop without receiving a grade of WP or WF

Sept 26

Feb 12

June 29

Last Day to Drop a full term class

Nov 13

Apr 9

July 17

Early Application for Degrees to ensure early completion of Final Degree Audits

Oct 21-Nov 4 for May Graduation

Mar 16–Mar30 for Aug or Dec Graduation

Mar 16–Mar 30 for Aug or Dec Graduation

Last Day to Apply for a Degree in current term

Oct 4 for Dec Graduation

Mar 3 for May Graduation

May 29 for Aug Graduation


Dec 13

May 2

July 31

All Final Student Transcripts Must be Received by the Registrar’s Office for Degrees to be Conferred

Dec 18

May 6

Aug 5

Last Day for Degrees to be Conferred

Jan 3

May 22

Aug 21


2019-2020 Academic Calendar