Revised June 2, 2023

CC Course #CC Course TitleThe W Course #The W Course TitleHr(s)
ACT 249Payroll AccountingACCACC ELEC (Payroll Accounting)3
ANT 200Introduction to AnthropologyELECELEC (Intro to Anthropology)3
ANT 210Physical AnthropologyELECELEC (Physical Anthropology)3
ANT 220Cultural AnthropologyELECELEC (Contemporary Anthropology)3
ANT 226Culture and PersonalityELECELEC (Culture and Personality)3
ANT 260Indians of North AmericaELECELEC (Indians of No. America)3
ART 100Art AppreciationART 102Art Appreciation3
ART 103Introduction to Art IARTArt ELEC (Intro to Art I; OK for Core)3
ART 104Introduction to Art IIARTArt ELEC (intro to Art II)3
ART 105Introduction to Art IIIARTArt ELEC (Intro to Art III)3
ART 113Drawing IART 105Drawing I3
ART 114Drawing IIART 106Drawing II3
ART 115Drawing IIIARTART ELEC (Drawing III)2
ART 133Ceramics IART 230Ceramics I3
ART 134Ceramics IIARTArt ELEC (Ceramics II)3
ART 135Ceramics IIIARTArt ELEC  (Ceramics III)2
ART 143Crafts IARTArt ELEC (Crafts I)2
ART 144Crafts IIARTArt ELEC (Crafts II)2
ART 145Crafts IIIARTArt ELEC (Crafts III)2
ART 173Photography IART 220Photography I3
ART 174Photography IIARTArt ELEC (Photography II)3
ART 175Photography IIIARTArt ELEC (Photography III)2
ART 203Art History IART 211Art History Survey I3
ART 204Art History IIART 212Art History Survey II3
ART 205Art History IIIARTArt ELEC (Art History III)3
ART 231Watercolor Painting IART 270Watercolor Painting I3
ART 232Water Color Painting IIARTArt ELEC (Water Color Painting II)3
ART 233Painting IARTArt ELEC (Painting I)3
ART 234Painting IIARTArt ELEC (Painting II)3
ART 235Painting IIIARTArt ELEC (Painting III)2
ART 286Art for TeachersARTArt ELEC (Art for Teachers)3
ART 291Supervised Study in Studio ArtARTArt ELEC (Studio Art I)1 to 4
AST 200Observational AstronomyPSPS Lab ELEC (Obs. Astronomy)2
AST 220Intro to AstronomyPS 106Intro to Astronomy4
BIO 101General Biology IBSB 151 & BSB 151LGeneral Biology I & General Biology I Lab3
BIO 102General Biology IIBSB 152 & BSB 152LGeneral BiologyII & General BiologyII  Lab3
BIO 103Principles of Biology IBSB 151 & BSB 151LGeneral Biology I & General Biology I Lab3
BSB 104Animal BiologyBSB 152 & BSB 152LGeneral Biology II & General Biology II Lab3
BIO 105Plant BiologyBSBBSB ELEC (Plant Biology)4
BIO 107General Zoology IBSBBSB ELEC w/lab (Zoology I)4
BIO 108General Zoology IIBSBBSB ELEC w/lab (Zoology II)4
BIO 117Biology of Human ConcernBSBBSB ELEC (Bio of Human Concern)4
BIO 119Human Reprod/InheritanceBSBBSB ELEC (Human Reprod/Inher)4
BIO 120History of BiologyBSBBSB ELEC (History of Biology)4
BIO 201Human Anatomy & Physiology IBSB 141 & BSB 141LHuman Anatomy & Physiology I4
BIO 202Human Anatomy & Physiology IIBSB 142 & BSB 142LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II4
BIO 206Human AnatomyBSB 142 & BSB 142LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II4
BSB 220General MicrobiologyBSM 131 & BSM 131LGeneral Microbiology Gen. Microbiology Lab3
BIO 230Human PathophysiologyBSBBSB ELEC w/lab (Human Patho)4
BS 102Inter TypewritingELECELEC (Inter Typewriting)3
BS 103Adv TypewritingELECELEC (Adv Typewriting)3
BS 110Basic ShorthandELECELEC (Basic Shorthand)3
BS 121Intro to BusinessELECELEC (Intro to Business)3
BS 131Office MachinesELECELEC (Office Machines)3
BU 111Intro ShorthandELECELEC (Intro Shorthand)3
BU 112Int ShorthandELECELEC (Int Shorthand)3
BUS 100Introduction to BusinessBU 111Introduction to Business3
BUS 146Personal FinanceFINFIN ELEC (Personal Finance)3
BUS 148Basic Accounting ProceduresACCACC ELEC (Accounting Procedures)3
BUS 150Business MathBUBU ELEC (Business Math)3
BUS 175RetailingELECELEC (Retailing)3
BUS 177SalesmanshipELECELEC (Salesmanship)3
BUS 193Business Coop IBUBU ELEC (Buiness Coop I)1
BUS 194Business CoopIIBUBU ELEC (Business Coop II)1
BUS 215Business CommunicationsBUBU ELEC (Business Commun)3
BUS 241Principles of Accounting IACC 211Principles of Accounting I3
BUS 242Principles of Accounting IIACC 212Principles of Accounting II3
BUS 246Accounting on MicrocomputerACCACC ELEC (Accounting on Computer)3
BUS 247Adv Accounting on ComputerACCACC ELEC (Adv Accout on Computer)3
BUS 249Payroll AccountingACCACC ELEC (Payroll Accounting)3
BUS 261Business LawPLG 241The Legal Envir of Business3
BUS 263The Legal & Social Env in BusPLG 241The Legal Envir of Business3
BUS 271Business StatisticsBQABQA ELEC (Business Statistics)3
BUS 272Business Statistics IIBQABQA ELEC (Business Statistics)3
BUS 275Principles of ManagementMGTMGT ELEC (Princ of Management)3
BUS 276Human Resource ManagementMGTMGT ELEC (Human Resource Manag)3
BUS 277Management SeminarMGTMGT ELEC (Management Seminar)3
BUS 279Small Business ManagementMGTMGT ELEC (Small Business Manag)3
BUS 284Labor Econ/Labor RelationsMGTMGT ELEC (Labor Econ/Labor Relat)3
BUS 285Principles of MarketingMKTMKT ELEC (Princ of Marketing)3
BUS 291Alternating Business COOP IBUBU ELEC (Alternating Bus Coop I)1
BUS 292Alternating Business COOP IIBUBU ELEC (Alternating Bus Coop II)1
BUS 293Alternating Business COOP IIIBUBU ELEC (Alternating Bus Coop III)1
BUS 296Business Intership IBUBU ELEC (Business Internship I)3
BUS 297Business Intership IIBUBU ELEC (Business Internship II)3
BUS 298Directed StudiesBUBU ELEC (Directed Studies)1 to 3
BY 101Prin BiologyBSBBSB ELEC w/ lab (Prin Biology)3
BY 102General ZoologyBSBBSB ELEC w/ lab (Gen Zoology)3
BY 103General BotanyBSBBSB ELEC w/ lab (Gen Botany)3
BY 201Human Anatomy & Phys IBSBBSB ELEC w/ lab (A&P I)3
CH 101General Chemistry IPSC 111 &    PSC 111LGeneral Chemistry
Gen Chem Lab
CH 102General Chemistry IIPSC 112& PSC 112LGeneral Chemistry
Gen Chem Lab
CHM 101Introduction to General ChemPS 108Introduction to Chemisty3
CHM 102Introduction Organic ChemPSCPSC ELEC (Introduction Organic Chemw/lab)3
CHM 104Intro to Inorganic ChemistryPSCPSC ELEC (Intro to Inorganic Chemistry)4
CHM 105Intro to Organic ChemistryPSCPSC ELEC (Intro to Organic Chemistry)4
CHM 111College Chemistry IPSC 111 &    PSC 111LGeneral Chemistry I
General Chemistry I Lab
CHM 112College Chemistry IIPSC 112& PSC 112LGeneral Chemistry II
General Chemistry II Lab
CHM 113College Chemistry IPSC 111 &               PSC 111LGeneral Chemistry I
General Chemistry I Lab
CHM 114College Chemistry IIPSC 112 &
PSC 112L
General Chemistry II
General Chemistry II Lab
CHM 115College Chemistry IIIPSCPSC ELEC (College Chemistry III)4
CHM 220Quantitative AnalysisPSCPSC ELEC (Quantitative Analysis)4
CHM 221Organic Chemistry IPSC 211 & PSC 211LOrganic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry Lab I
CHM 222Organic Chemistry IIPSC 212 & PSC 212LOrganic Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry Lab II
CHM 240Introd BiochemistryPSCPSC ELEC (Introd Biochemistry)3
CIS 136Introduction to Computing SystMISMIS ELEC (Introduction to Computing Systems)3
CIS 146Microcomputer ApplicationsMIS 157Info Microcomputers3
CIS 147Adv ApplicationsMIS 160Spreadsheet Applications3
CIS 156Microcomputer Operating SysteMISMIS ELEC (Microcomputer Operating System)3
CIS 190Introduction to ComputersMISMIS ELEC (Intro to Computers)3
CIS 191Intro to Computer Science IMISMIS ELEC (Intro to Comp Sci I)3
CIS 192Intro to Computer Science IIMISMIS ELEC (Intro to Comp Sci II)3
CIS 196Microsoft OfficeMISMIS ELEC (Microsoft Office)3
CIS 211Basic ProgrammingMISMIS ELEC (Basic Programming)3
CIS 212Visual BasicsMISMIS ELEC (Visual Basics)3
CIS 221PASCAL ProgrammingSM 200PASCAL I3
CIS 222Adv PASCAL ProgrammingSMSM ELEC (PASCAL Programming)3
CIS 231FORTRAN ProgrammingSM 125FORTRAN3
CIS 241Intro to RPG ProgrammingMIS 297Intro RPG Programming3
CIS 242Advanced RPG ProgrammingMISMIS ELEC (Adv RPG Programming)3
CIS 251C ProgrammingSM 135Programming in C3
CIS 261COBOL ProgrammingMISMIS ELEC (COBOL Programming)3
CIS 262Adv COBOL ProgrammingBU 296Advanced Programming3
CIS 266Computer Software Intstall & ProELECELEC (Comp Software Install)3
CIS 267Computer Hardware Prob DetELECELEC (Comp Hardware Prob)3
CIS 271Assembly Lang ProgrammingMISMIS ELEC (Assembly Lang Programming)3
CIS 281System Analysis & DesignMISMIS ELEC (System Analysis & Design)3
CIS 289Computer DeterminationMISMIS ELEC (Computer Determination)3
CIS 291Case Study in Comp ScienceMISMIS ELEC (Case Study Comp Sci)3
CIS 296BU Elec (SW Apl Lotus 123)MISMIS ELEC (SW Apl Lotus 123)3
CP 121Cooperative EducationELECELEC (Cooperative Education)1
CRJ 100Introduction to Criminal JusticeELECELEC Course (Intro to Criminal Justice)3
CRJ 116Police PatrolELECELEC Course (Police Patrol)3
CRJ 140Criminal Law & ProcedureELECELEC Course (Criminal Law & Procedure)3
CRJ 146Criminal EvidenceELECELEC Course (Criminal Evidence)3
CRJ 220Criminal InvestigationELECELECt Course (Criminal Investigation)3
CS 213Intro Comp Sys/BasicMISMIS ELEC (Intro Comp Sys/Basic)3
CS 220Intro Comp Sci/PascalELECELEC (Intro Comp Sci/Pascal)3
CS 240FortranSM 125Fortran3
CS 250COBOL ProgrammingMISMIS ELEC (COBOL Programming)3
EC 201Princ. Economics IEC 201Principles of Economics I3
ECO 231Principles of Economics IEC 201Principles of Economics I3
ECO 232Principles of Economics IIEC 202Principles of Economics II3
EH 101English Comp IEN 101English Composition3
EH 102English Comp IIEN 102English Comp II3
EH 252American Lit IIEN 204Survey of Late American Literature3
ENG 101English Composition IEN 101English Composition3
ENG 102English Compostion IIEN 102Freshman Composition II3
ENG 123Communication Skill IENEN ELEC (Communication Skills I)3
ENG 246Creativing Writing IENEN ELEC (Creative Writing)3
ENG 247Creative Writing IIENEN ELEC (Creative Writing)3
ENG 248Creative WritingENEN ELEC (Creative Writing)3
ENG 249Creative WritingENEN ELEC (Creative Writing)3
ENG 251American Literature IEN 203Survey of Early American Literature3
ENG 252American Literature IIEN 204Survey of Late American Literature3
ENG 261English Literature IEN 201Survey of Early English Literature3
ENG 262English Literature IIEN 202Survey of Late English Literature3
ENG 271World Literature IEN 231Survey of Early World Literature3
ENG 272World Literature IIEN 232Survey of Late World Literature3
ENG 299Directed Study in LitENEN ELEC (Directed Study)0.5
FRN 101Introductory French IFLF 101French I3
FRN 102Introductory French IIFLF 102French II3
FRN 201Intermediate French IFLF 201French III3
FRN 202Intermediate French IIFLF 202French IV3
GEO 100World Regional GeographyGEO 101Elements of World Geography3
GEO 220Principles Physical GeographyGEOGEO ELEC (Principles Physical Geography)3
GLY 103General Geology IPS 103Introductory Geology3
GLY 104General Geology IIPS 104Historical Geology3
GLY 105General Geology IIIGEOGEO ELEC (General Geology III)3
GRN 101Introductory GermanFLFL ELEC (Introductory German I)3
GRN 102Introductory German IIFLFL ELEC (Introductory German II)3
GRN 201Intermediate German IFLFL ELEC (Intermediate German I)3
GRN 202Intermediate German IIFLFL ELEC (Intermediate German II)3
HEC 140Principles of NutritionFN 225Nutrition3
HEC 199Ecolog’l Approach to Hlth FitnHEDHED ELEC (Ecol Approach to Hlth)3
HED 221Personal HealthHED 101Personal & Community Health3
HED 222Community HealthHEDHED ELEC (Community Health)3
HED 224Personal & Community HealthHED 101Personal/Community Health3
HED 226WellnessHEDHED ELEC (Wellness)1
HED 230Safety & First AidKINKIN ELEC (Safety & First Aid)3
HED 231First AidHED 207Emergency Health Care3
HIS 101History of Western Civ IHIS 101World Civilization to 16003
HIS 102History of Western Civ IIHIS 102World Civilization 1600 to Present3
HIS 121World History IHIS 101World Civilization to 16003
HIS 122World History IIHIS 102World Civilization 1600 to Present3
HIS 201United States History IHIS 109United States History to 18773
HIS 202United States History IIHIS 110 United States History 1877 to Present3
HIS 216History of World ReligionsHISHIS ELEC (History of World Religions)3
HIS 256African-American HistoryHISHIS ELEC (African-American History)3
HIS 260Alabama HistoryHISHIS ELEC (Alabama History)3
HUM 101Introduction to Humanirites IELECELEC (Intro to Humanities)3
HUM 120Inter’l Studies in (Country)ELECELEC (Inter’l Study – Country)3
HUM 299Directed Studies in the HumanitiesELECELEC (Directed Studies in the Humanities)1
HY 201American History IHIS 109United States History to 18773
HY 202American History IIHIS 110 United States History 1877 to Present3
IDS 110Standard Test PrepELECELEC (Stand Test Prep)0.5
IDS 111Study SkillsELECELEC (Study Skills)0.5
IDS 114Interdisciplinary SeminarELECELEC (Interdisciplinary  Seminar)1
IDS 115ForumELECELEC (Forum)1
IDS 200Scholars Bowl WorkshopELECELEC (Scholars Bowl)0.5
IDS 286Genealogy & HistoryELECELEC (Geneaology/History)3
IDS 299Directed LeadershipELECELEC (Dir. Leadership)2
LS 100Intro LibraryELECELEC (Intro Library)0.5
LS 101Intro Acad LifeELECELEC (Intro Acad Life)0.5
MCM 113Student PublicationsCOMCOM ELEC (Student Publications)1
MCM 114Student PublicationsCOMCOM ELEC (Student Publications)1
MCM 115Student PublicationsCOMCOM ELEC (Student Publications)1
MCM 213Student PublicationsCOMCOM ELEC (Student Publications)1
MCM 214Student PublicationsCOMCOM ELEC (Student Publications)1
MCM 215Student PublicationsCOMCOM ELEC (Student Publications)1
MH 111College AlgebraMA 113College Algebra3
MH 112Analyt TrigMA 114Trigonometry3
MH 251Math Stat IMA 123Statistics3
MTH 110Finite MathematicsMAMA ELEC (Finite Mathematics)3
MTH 112PreCalculus AlgebraMA 113College Algebra3
MTH 113PreCalculus w/ TrigonometryMA 114Plane Trigonometry3
MTH 114Calculus IMA 181Calculus I3
MTH 115Analytic Geom & TrigMA 114Plane Trigonometry3
MTH 116Mathematical AppreciationMAMA ELEC (Mathematical Appreciation)3
MTH 120Calculus & its ApplicationsMA 150Survey of Calculus3
MTH 125Calculus IMA 181Calculus I3
MTH 126Calculus IIMA 182Calculus II3
MTH 131Mathematics in Gen EducationMAMA ELEC (Mathematics in General Education)3
MTH 146Calculus for BusinessMA 150Suvey of Calculus3
MTH 215Analytical Geo/Cal IIMA 182Calculus II3
MTH 216Analytical Geometry/Cal IIIMA 283Calculus III3
MTH 217Analytical Geometry/Cal IVMA 284Calculus IV3
MTH 218Differential EquationsMAMA ELEC (Differential Equations)3
MTH 219Linear AlgebraMAMA ELEC (Linear Algebra)3
MTH 227Calculus IIIMA 283Calculus III3
MTH 231Math for Elem Sch Teachers IMA 111Modern Elementary Math I3
MTH 237Linear AlgebraMAMA ELEC (Linear Algebra)3
MTH 238Appld Differential Equations IMAMA ELEC (Appld Differential Equations I)3
MTH 261Elementary Statistics IMA 123Statistics3
MTH 262Elementary Statistics IIMAMA ELEC (Elementary Statistics II)3
MTH 265Elementary StatisticsMA 123Statistics3
MTH 297Calculus III LabMAMA ELEC (Calculus III Lab)1
MU 101Int Mus ListenMUSMUS ELEC (Int Mus Listen)2
MU 106Brewer SingMUSMUS ELEC (Brewer Sing)1
MU 205Concert BandMUSMUS ELEC (Concert Band)1
MUE 120Chorus IMUSMUS ELEC (Chorus I)2
MUE 131Concert Band IMUSMUS ELEC (Concert Band I)2
MUE 132Chamber Ensemble IMUS MUS ELEC (Chamber Ensemble I)2
MUE 133Jazz/Show Band IMUS 106Jazz Ensemble2
MUE 220Chorus IIMUSMUS ELEC (Chorus II)1
MUE 231Concert Band IIMUS 108Instrumental Ensemble2
MUE 232Chamber Ensemble IIMUSMUS ELEC (Chamber Ensemble II)2
MUE 233Jazz/Show Band IIMUS 106Jazz Ensemble2
MUL 172Musical Theatre Workshop IMUSMUS ELEC (Musical Theatre Wkshop I)2
MUL 173Musical Theatre Workshop IIMUSMUS ELEC (Musical Theatre Wkshop II)2
MUL 180Chorus IMUSMUS ELEC (Chorus I)1
MUL 181Chours IIMUSMUW ELEC (Chorus II)1
MUL 182Vocal Ensemble IMUSMusic ELEC (Vocal Ensemble I)1
MUL 183Vocal Ensemble IIMUSMUS ELEC (Vocal Emsemble II)1
MUL 190Concert Band IMUS 108Instrumental Ensemble1
MUL 191Concert Band IIMUS 108Instrumental Ensemble1
MUL 192Instrumental Ensemble IMUSMUS ELEC (Instrumental Ensemble I)1
MUL 193Instrumental Ensemble IIMUSMUS ELEC (Instrumental Ensemble II)1
MUL 196Jazz Show Band IMUS 106Jazz Ensemble1
MUL 197Jazz Show Band IIMUS 106Jazz Ensemble1
MUL 272Musical Theatre Workshop IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Musical Theatre Wkshp III)1
MUL 273Musical Theatre Workshop IVMUSMUS ElEC (Musical Theatre Wkshp IV)1
MUL 280Chorus IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Chorus III)1
MUL 281Chorus IVMUSMUS ELEC (Chorus IV)1
MUL 282Vocal Ensemble IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Vocal Emsemble III)1
MUL 283Vocal Ensemble IVMUSMUS ELEC (Vocal Emselble IV)1
MUL 290Concert Band IIIMUS 108Instrumental Ensemble1
MUL 291Concert Band IVMUS 108Instrumental Ensemble1
MUL 292Instrumental Ensemble IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Instrumental Ensemble III)1
MUL 293Instrumental Ensemble IVMUSMUS ELEC (Instrumental Ensemble IV)1
MUL 296Jazz Show Band IIIMUS 106Jazz Ensemble1
MUL 297Jazz Show Band IVMUS 106Jazz Ensemble1
MUP 101Private Piano IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Piano I)1
MUP 102Private Piano IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Piano II)1
MUP 111Private Voice IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Voice I)1
MUP 112Private Voice IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Voice II)1
MUP 133Private Guitar IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Guitar I)1
MUP 134Private Guitar IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Guitar II)1
MUP 141Private Flute IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Flute I)1
MUP 142Private Flute IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Flute II)1
MUP 143Private Clarinet IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Clarinet I)1
MUP 144Private Clarinet IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Clarinet II)1
MUP 145Private Saxophone IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Saxophone I)1
MUP 146Private Saxophone IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Saxophone II)1
MUP 151Private Oboe IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Oboe I)1
MUP 152Private Oboe IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Oboe II)1
MUP 153Private Bassoon IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Bassoon I)1
MUP 154Private Bassoon IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Bassoon II)1
MUP 161Private Trumpet IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Trumpet I)1
MUP 162Private Trumpet IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Trumpet II)1
MUP 163Private French Horn IMUSMUS ELEC (Private French Horn I)1
MUP 164Private French Horn IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private French Horn II)1
MUP 171Private Trombone IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Trombone I)1
MUP 172Private Trombone IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Trombone II)1
MUP 175Private TubaMUSMUS ELEC (Private Tuba I)1
MUP 176Private Tuba IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Tuba II)1
MUP 181Private Percussion IMUSMUS ELEC (Private Percussion I)1
MUP 182Private Percussion IIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Percussion II)1
MUP 201Private Piano IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Piano III)1
MUP 202Private Piano IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Piano IV)1
MUP 211Private Voice IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Voice III)1
MUP 212Private Voice IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Voice IV)1
MUP 233Private Guitar IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Guitar III)1
MUP 234Private Guitar IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Guitar IV)1
MUP 241Private Flute IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Flute III)1
MUP 242Private Flute IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Flute IV)1
MUP 243Private Clarinet IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Clarinet III)1
MUP 244Private Clarinet IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Clarinet IV)1
MUP 245Private Saxophone IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Saxophone III)1
MUP 246Private Saxophone IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Saxophone IV)1
MUP 251Private Oboe IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Oboe III)1
MUP 252Private Oboe IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Oboe IV)1
MUP 253Private Bassoon IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Bassoon III)1
MUP 254Private Bassoon IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Bassoon IV)1
MUP 261Private Trumpet IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Trumpet III)1
MUP 262Private Trumpet IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Trumpet IV)1
MUP 263Private French Horn IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private French Horn III)1
MUP 264Private French Horn IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private French Horn IV)1
MUP 271Private Trombone IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Trombone III)1
MUP 272Private Trombone IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Trombone IV)1
MUP 275Private Tuba IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Tuba III)1
MUP 276Private Tuba IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Tuba IV)1
MUP 281Private Percussion IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Private Percussion III)1
MUP 282Private Percussion IVMUSMUS ELEC (Private Percussion IV)1
MUS 100ConvocationMUSMUS ELEC (Convocation)1
MUS 101Music AppreciationMUS 100Music Appreciation3
MUS 111Music Theory IMUS 101Theory I3
MUS 112Music Theory IIIMUS 102Theory II3
MUS 113Music Theory I LabMUS 103Theory I Lab1
MUS 114Music Theory II LabMUS 104Theory II Lab1
MUS 115Fundamentals of MusicMUSMUS ELEC (Fundamentals of Music)3
MUS 170Introduction to Church MusicMUSMUS ELEC (Introduction  to Church Music)3
MUS 201Survey of Music Literature IMUS 105Intro to Music Literature3
MUS 202Survey of Music Literature IIMUSMUS ELEC (Survey of Music Literature II)2
MUS 203Survey of Music Literature IIIMUSMUS ELEC (Survey of Music Literature III)2
MUS 211Music Theory IIIMUS 201Theory III3
MUS 212Music Theory IVMUS 202Theory IV3
MUS 213Music Theory Lab IIIMUS 203Theory Lab III1
MUS 214Music Theory Lab IVMUS 204Theory Lab IV1
MUS 231Concert Band IIMUSMUS ELEC (Concert Band II)2
MUS 251Introduction to ConductingMUSMUS ELEC (Introduction to Conducting)3
MUS 280Fundamentals of MusicMUSMUS ELEC (Fundamentals of Music)3
OAD 101Beginning KeyboardingELECELEC (Beginning Keyboarding)3
OAD 102Keyboarding ApplicationsELECELEC (Keyboarding Applications)3
OAD 103Intermediate KeyboardingELECELEC (Intermediate Keyboarding)3
OAD 104Advanced KeyboardingELECELEC (Advanced Keyboarding)3
OAD 105Typewriting III- AdvancedELECELEC (Typewriting III – Adv)3
OAD 111Speedwriting IELECELEC (Speedwriting I3
OAD 112Speedwriting IIELECELEC (Speedwriting II)3
OAD 114Shorthand I – ElementaryELECELEC (Shorthand I – Elementary)3
OAD 115Shorthand II – IntermediateELECELEC (Shorthand II – Intermediate)3
OAD 116Shorthand III – AdvancedELECELEC (Shorthand III – Advanced)3
OAD 125Word ProcessingELECELEC (Word Processing)3
OAD 126Advanced Word ProcessingELECELEC (Advanced Word Processing)3
OAD 130Machine CalculationsELECELEC (Machine Calculations)3
OAD 131Business EnglishELECELEC (Business English)3
OAD 132Business EnglishELECELEC (Business English)3
OAD 138Records & Information Mgt.ELECELEC (Records & Information Mgt)3
OAD 200Machine TranscriptionELECELEC (Machine Transcription)3
OAD 202Legal TranscriptionELECELEC (Legal Transcription)3
OAD 203Legal Office ProceduresELECELEC (Legal Office Procedures)3
OAD 205Medical TypingELECELEC (Medical Typing)3
OAD 211Medical TerminologyELECELEC (Medical Terminology)3
OAD 212Medical TranscriptionELECELEC (Medical Transcription)3
OAD 214Medical Office ProceduresELECELEC (Medical Office Procedures)3
OAD 215Health Information ManagementELECELEC (Health Information Management)3
OAD 218Office ProceduresELECELEC (Office Procedures)3
OAD 220Records & Information Mgt.ELECELEC (Records & Information Mgt)3
OAD 222Legal Office ProceduresELECELEC (Legal Office Procedures)3
OAD 224Machine TranscriptionELECELEC (Machine Transcription)3
OAD 225Legal Machine TranscriptionELECELEC (Legal Machine Transcription)3
OAD 226Medical TranscriptionELECELEC (Medial Transcription)3
OAD 228Word Processing IELECELEC (Word Processing I)3
OAD 229Word Processing IIELECELEC (Word Processing II)3
ORI 100Orientation to CollegeUN  UN ELEC (Orientation to College)1
ORT 100Orientation to CollegeUN  UN ELEC (Orientation to College)1
ORT 101Personal Awareness IELECELEC (Personal Awareness I)1
PE 104KarateKINKIN ELEC (Karate)1
PE 105Health Science IHEDHED ELEC (Health Science I)2
PE 132BadmintonKIN 123Badminton/Archery1
PE 133Beginning GolfKIN 127Beginning Golf1
PE 134Beginning TennisKIN 131Beginning Tennis1
PE 141Rec SportsKINKIN ELEC (Rec Sports)1
PE 143Adv GolfKINKIN ELEC (Adv Golf)1
PE 152Running for FitnessKINKIN ELEC (Running for Fitness)1
PE 163Aerobic Dance Exer IKINKIN ELEC (Aerobic Dance Exer I)1
PE 174Vars Baseball IKINKIN ELEC (Vars Baseball I)1
PE 182Sports OfficiatingKINKIN ELEC (Sports Officiating)2
PE 218SlimnasticsKINKIN ELEC (Slimnastics)1
PE 231First Aid & SafetyKINKIN ELEC (First Aid & Safety)3
PED 100Fundamentals of FitnessKINKIN ELEC (Fundamentals of Fitness)3
PED 101Slimnastics (Beginning)KINKIN ELEC (Slimnastics – Beginning)1
PED 102Slimnastics (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Slimnastics – Intermediate)1
PED 103Weight TrainingKIN 147Weight Training1
PED 104Weight Training (Intermediate)KIN 147Weight Training1
PED 105Personal FitnessKINKIN ELEC (Personal Fitness)1
PED 106AerobicsKIN 140Aerobic Dance1
PED 107Aerobic Dance (Beginning)KIN 140Aerobic Dance1
PED 108Aerobic Dance (Intermediate)KIN 240Aerobic Dance II1
PED 109JoggingKINKIN ELEC (Jogging)1
PED 111Trampolining (Beginning)KINKIN ELEC (Trampoining – Beginning)1
PED 112Trampolining (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Trampoining – Intermediate)1
PED 113Tumbling & Gymnastics (Begn’gKIN 146Beginning Gymnastics1
PED 114Tumbing & Gymnastics (Tnemd)KIN 246Inter/Advanced Gymnastics1
PED 116Tumbling (Beginning)KINKIN ELEC (Tumbling – Beginning)1
PED 117Tumbling (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Tumbling – Intermediate)1
PED 118General ConditioningKIN 144Conditioning1
PED 119General Conditioning (Intermd)KINKIN ELEC (General Conditioning – Intermediate)1
PED 123Golf (Beginning)KIN 127Beginning Golf1
PED 124Golf (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Golf – Intermediate)1
PED 126Recreational GamesKINKIN ELEC (Recreational Games)1
PED 127ArcheryKIN 123Badminton-Archery1
PED 128RacquetballKIN 142Beginning Racquetball1
PED 130HandballKINKIN ELEC (Handball)1
PED 131Badmintion (Beginning)KIN 123Badminton-Archery1
PED 133Tennis (Beginning)KIN 131Beginning Tennis1
PED 134Tennis (Intermediate)KIN 231Intermediate Tennis1
PED 140Swimming (Beginning)KIN 101Beginning Swimming1
PED 141Swimming (Intermediate)KIN 201Intermediate Swimming1
PED 142Swimming (Advanced)KIN 203Advanced Swimming1
PED 143Aquatic ExerciseKIN 110Water Aerobics1
PED 146Adv LifesavingKINKIN ELEC (Adv Lifesaving)1
PED 147Water Safety InstructorKINKIN ELEC (Water Safety Instructor)2
PED 148Lifeguard TrainingKINKIN ELEC (Lifeguard Training)2
PED 153Karate (Beginning)KINKIN ELEC (Karate – Beginning)1
PED 154Karate (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Karate – Intermediate)1
PED 160Social DanceKINKIN ELEC (Social Dance)1
PED 163Square Dancing (Beginning)KINKIN ELEC (Square Dancing – Beginning)1
PED 164Square Dancing (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Square Dancing – Intermediate)1
PED 166Modern DanceKINKIN ELEC (Modern Dance)1
PED 171Basketball (Beginning)KINKIN ELEC (Basketball – Beginning)1
PED 172Basketball (Intermediate)KIINKIN ELEC (Basketball – Intermediate)1
PED 176Volleyball (Beginning)KIN 134Volleyball/Soccer1
PED 177Volleyball (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Volleyball – Intermediate)1
PED 178Soccer (Beginning)KIN 134Volleyball/Soccer1
PED 179Soccer (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Soccer – Intermediate)1
PED 180Flag FootballKINKIN ELEC (Flag Football)1
PED 181BaseballKINKIN ELEC (Baseball)1
PED 182Baseball (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Baseball – Intermediate)1
PED 183Track & Field (Beginning)KIN 135Track & Field1
PED 184Track & Field (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Track & Field – Intermediate)1
PED 186Softball (Beginning)KIN 133Basketball/ Softball1
PED 187Softball (Intermediate)KINKIN ELEC (Softball)1
PED 188Cross CountryKINKIN ELEC (Cross Country)1
PED 200Foundations of Physical EdKINKIN ELEC (Foundations of Physical Ed)1
PED 216Sports OfficiatingKINKIN ELEC (Sports Officiating)3
PED 226HikingKINKIN ELEC (Hiking)1
PED 228Firearm Safety & UtilizationKINKIN ELEC (Firearm Safety & Utilization)1
PED 239Outboarding Boating & SafetyKINKIN ELEC (Outboarding Boating & Safety)1
PED 245CyclingKINKIN ELEC (Cycling)1
PED 246CampingKINKIN ELEC (Camping)1
PED 251Varsity BasketballKINKIN ELEC (Varsity Basketball)1
PED 252Varsity BasketballKINKIN ELEC (Varsity Basketball)1
PED 253Varsity GolfKINKIN ELEC (Varsity Golf)1
PED 254Varsity SoftballKINKIN ELEC (Varsity Softball)1
PED 255Varsity TennisKINKIN ELEC (Varsity Tennis)1
PED 256Varsity TrackKINKIN ELEC (Varsity Track)1
PED 257Varsity CheerleadingKIN KIN ELEC (Varsity Cheerleading)1
PED 258Varsity VolleyballKINKIN ELEC (Varsity Volleyball)1
PED 259Varsity Cross CountryKINKIN ELEC (Varsity Cross Country)1
PED 295Practicum in Physical EdKINKIN ELEC (Practicum in Physical Ed)1
PH 231AstronomyPS 106Introductory Astronomy3
PHL 206Ethics and SocietyPHL 204Ethics3
PHS 111Physical Science IPSPS ELEC (Physical Science I)4
PHS 112Physical Science IIPSPS ELEC (Physical Science II)4
PHY 100Intro to PhysicsPS 107Introductory Physics3
PHY 110Physics/Life SciencesPS 107Introductory Physics3
PHY 120Introduction to PhysicsPS 107Introductory Physics3
PHY 201General Physics IPSP 211General Physics4
PHY 202General Physics IIPSP 212General Physics4
PHY 213General Physics w/ Calc IPSP 213General Physics4
PHY 214General Physics w/ Calc IIPSP 214General Physics4
PHY 215General Physics w/ Calc IIIPSPPSP ELEC (General Physics w/ Calculus III)4
PHY 216Recitation in Physics w/ CalPSPPSP ELEC (Recitation in Physics w/ Calculus)1
PHY 226Physical SciencePSPPSP ELEC (Physical Science)3
POL 200Intro to Political SciencePOL 101Study & Practice of Politics3
POL 211American National GovernmentPOL 150American Government3
POL 220State & Local GovernmentPOLPOL ELEC (State & Local Government)3
PSY 100OrientationUN 101Introduction to College Life1
PSY 106Career ExplorationELECELEC (Career Exploration)1
PSY 107Study SkillsELECELEC (Study Skills)1
PSY 200General PsychologyPSY 101General Psychology3
PSY 207Psychology of AdjustmentPSYPSY ELEC (Psychology of Adjustment)3
PSY 210Human Growth & DevelopmentPSY 206Human Growth & Development3
PSY 230Abnormal PsychologyPSYPSY ELEC (Abnormal Psychology)3
PY 100OrientationUN 101Introduction to College Life1
PY 201General PsychologyPSY 101General Psychology3
PY 221Human Growth & DevelopmentPSY 206Human Growth & Development3
RDG 113College Reading IELECELEC (College Reading I)3
RDG 114Critical Reading for CollegeELECELEC (Critical Reading for College)3
REL 100History of World ReligionsREL 213Religions of the World3
REL 120Life & Teachings of JesusRELREL ELEC (Life & Teachings of Jesus)3
REL 151Survey of the Old TestamentRELREL ELEC (Survey of the Old Testament)3
REL 152Survey of the New TestamentRELREL ELEC (Survey of the New Testament)3
RLS 101Real Estate PrinciplesBU 275Real Estate Principles3
SH 101Fund SpeechCOM 101Oral Communication3
SH 111Oral InterpretationCOMCOM ELEC (Oral Interppretation)3
SOC 200Introduction to SociologySOC 201Principles of Sociology3
SOC 209Juvenile DelinquencySOCSOC ELEC (Juvenile Delinquency)3
SOC 210Social ProblemsSOCSOC ELEC (Social Problems)3
SOC 217Criminal & Deviant BehaviorSOCSOC ELEC (Criminal & Deviant Behavior)3
SOC 247Marriage & FamilySOCSOC ELEC (Marriage & Family)3
SPA 101Intro Spanish IFLS 101Spanish I4
SPA 102Intro Spanish IIFLS 102Spanish II4
SPA 103Elementary Spanish IFLS 101Spanish I4
SPA 201Intermediate Spanish IFLS 201Spanish III3
SPA 202Intermediate Spanish IIFLS 202Spanish IV3
SPA 203Intermediate Spanish IFLS 201Spanish III3
SPA 204Intermediate Spanish IIFLS 204Spanish IV3
SPC 103Oral CommunicationCOMCOM ELEC (Oral Communication Skills)2
SPH 106Fundamentals Speech CommCOM 101Oral Communication3
SPH 107Fundamentals of Public SpeakinCOM 101Oral Communication3
SPH 111Sign LanguageELECELEC (Sign Language) 
SPH 112Sign LanguageELECELEC (Sign Language) 
SPH 206Oral InterpretationCOMCOM ELEC (Oral Interpretation)3
SPH 228Group CommunicationCOMCOM ELEC (Group Communication)3
SY 201Intro SociologySOC 201Principles of Sociology3
THR 113Theatre Workshop ITHTH ELEC (Workshop I)2
THR 114Theatre Workshop IITHTH ELEC (Workshop II)2
THR 115Theatre Workshop IIITHTH ELEC (Workshop III)2
THR 126Introduction to TheatreTH 175Theatre Appreciation3
THR 131Acting Techniques ITH 219Beginning Acting3
THR 132Acting TechniquesTHTH ELEC (Acting Techniques)3
THR 213Theater Workshop IVTHTH ELEC (Workshop IV)2
THR 214Theater Workshop VTHTH ELEC (Workshop V)2
THR 215Theater Workshop VITHTH ELECt (Workshop VI)2
THR 236StagecraftTH 217Stage Crafts3
THR 251Theater for Children ITH 207Creative Dramatics3
THR 296Directed Studies in TheaterTHTH ELEC (Directed Studies in Theater2