Students who have not been enrolled in any post-secondary institution for at least 48 consecutive months may request admission or readmission to Mississippi University for Women through the Office of Admissions under the Academic Fresh Start Policy. The application for Academic Fresh Start begins in the Office of the Registrar and must be accompanied by transcripts from all post-secondary institutions previously attended. The Office of the Registrar will verify eligibility. If the request is granted, the student’s prior grades (The W and transfer) will remain on their transcript, but they will not be used to calculate the grade point average, and these prior credits cannot be applied toward any W degree. Professional schools may consider the prior grades in determining eligibility for admission and scholarships, and prior grades will be used in the calculation of SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) for Federal Financial Aid.

The Academic Fresh Start action is irreversible; the student’s new status cannot be changed. The student’s Bulletin of Record will be the one in effect at the time of entry under the Academic Fresh Start Policy or any subsequent Undergraduate Bulletin in effect during the period of attendance at The W. A student may enter The W under the Academic Fresh Start Policy only one time. Students who are currently enrolled may not request a retroactive admission under the Academic Fresh Start Policy.

Note: Under Veterans’ Administration rules and federal financial aid rules and regulations, students will not be eligible for reversal of fees under the Academic Fresh Start policy for any term in which they received benefits.