Mississippi University for Women holds commencement ceremonies in May (Spring semester), August (Summer semester) and December (Fall semester). Students should participate in the commencement ceremony of the semester they complete.  

The Application for Degree and Graduation is now available online through your Banner Web account.

Apply Online

The Application for Degree and Graduation is now available online through your Banner Web account.

Application for degree must be completed in order to be a candidate. Your university account will be charged when you submit your application in Banner Web.  You do NOT need to send additional payment.  Please take a look at your account balance in Banner Web to find the charges.  The amount must be paid online in your Banner Web account or at University Accounting (105 Welty Hall) before your diploma will be mailed. 

Application fees, commencement dates and deadlines for application are published on the Academic Calendar

Regalia (cap and gown) must be ordered through The Bookend if you plan to participate in the ceremony.  You MUST wear regalia to participate. Please go to Student Regalia to find out more information on ordering your regalia.

Applying for Graduation in Banner Web

  • Log in to Banner Web through WConnect.
  • Click on Student Services
  • Click on Student Records
  • Click on Apply to Graduate
  • Curriculum Term Selection appears
    • Select the most recent term that shows. It will not necessarily be the current term.
  • Click Submit
  • Curriculum Selection appears
    • Check that the curriculum that appears is what it should be. If not, contact the Registrar’s Office before going any further.
    • If you get an error message like “curriculum does not exist”, contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • Select the curriculum and click continue
  • Graduation Date Selection Appears
  • Select the date you plan to graduate and click Continue
    • If the date you plan to graduate does not appear, but it should according to the Academic Calendar, contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • Graduation Ceremony Selection appears
  • Click yes or no only. Undecided will be contacted, but will default to “no” until further advised.
  • Click Continue
  • Diploma Name Selection Appears
    • This is your legal/official name we have in our records and will be what prints on your diploma.
  • Diploma Mailing Address Selection
    • This is the address your diploma will automatically be mailed to. You may select one that is already in the system, or enter a new one.
    • Diplomas will no longer be picked up in the office.
  • Graduation Application Payment Appears
    • Select the only one available (it is just one fee, but duplicates the statement)
  • Click Continue
  • Graduation Application Summary
    • Confirm all of the information you have entered.
  • Click Submit
  • Graduation Application Signature Page appears
    • When you get this page, you have officially submitted your application.
  • Print the page for your records.
  • Check your account balance in Banner Web and pay online if you would like, or you may go to University Accounting in Welty Hall to pay the fee.
  • Exit Banner Web when you are finished.