The University acknowledges that there may be rare special circumstance in which a late withdrawal is appropriate, i.e. withdrawal from The W after the published deadline for withdrawal from the University. Students may apply for a Late Administrative Withdrawal for only one term during their academic career. The University will only accept applications for late withdrawals from students who are unable to complete the term because of circumstances beyond their control. The following are acceptable circumstances for which a student may appeal for a Late Administrative Withdrawal:

  1. Medical (documentation must be provided);
  2. Relocation (documentation must be provided indicating that the relocation was required by an employer).

It is the responsibility of the student to apply for Late Administrative Withdrawal. Due dates for applications are as follows: (a) within the first four weeks of the next term of enrollment at The W, provided this is not longer than twelve months after the term in question; and (b) within twelve months of the term in question if the student is not enrolled at all at The W during this time period. The appropriate offices and individuals will review and process the application as quickly as possible, but students should allow at least one week for review and processing of an application before any action will be reflected on the student’s academic record.

All applications for Late Administrative Withdrawal must be submitted to the Dean of the college and must include the following:

  1. A letter from the student containing a detailed explanation of the circumstances necessitating a late withdrawal as well as relevant and compelling documentation to support the request
  2. The student’s last date of attendance, documented by the instructor for each course from which the student seeks to withdraw
  3. The approval of the student’s academic advisor and Department Chair

The Dean will decide whether the documentation provided is appropriate and sufficient and may request additional information from the student. The Dean adjudicates all requests for Late Administrative Withdrawal. The decision of the Dean may be appealed to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs whose review is final.

If the application is approved, all courses and the grades for the semester will remain on the student’s transcript; however, the courses for that one term will not impact the student’s grade point average and can never be used toward graduation at Mississippi University for Women. Nevertheless, these grades may be used to determine admission into graduate and professional programs. In addition, the student must repeat any required courses from the term.

Late Administrative Withdrawal applies only to courses taken at The W. In addition, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that he/she meets scholarship and/or financial aid enrollment requirements.

Note: Under Veterans’ Administration and federal financial aid rules and regulations, students will not be eligible for reversal of fees under this Late Administrative Withdrawal policy for any term in which they received benefits.