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Academic Advising

New students are assigned a faculty or academic staff advisor who will counsel them regarding their academic progress. The appropriate academic Department will assign students a faculty or staff advisor specific to their major. Undeclared students will be advised by faculty or staff members from the Student Success Center, which is located in Reneau Hall and is open daily for questions regarding academic schedules, programs, and requirements.

Academic Advising


Get advice on which course to take from your advisor.
Find out what classes are being offered this semester.
Learn about the types of classes offered at The W
Get your RAP and select your classes.
How to sign in to the Banner system.
How to register for classes in Banner.
Add or Drop a class after registration.
How to correctly withdraw from the University.
Auditing a class: Courses without credit.
Take courses not offered at The W.

Fall 2023 Pre-Registration Schedule

Students may begin registering for classes based on their classification the semester prior.

Graduate Students, Seniors, Veterans, and Honors College–Beginning March 20

Juniors–Beginning March 24

Sophomores–Beginning March 30

Freshmen–Beginning April 5

Incoming Students (not enrolled at The W Fall 2022)–Beginning April 13