Returning students, transfer students, and new students will schedule classes during the time allotted their classification. Students are required to meet with their advisors to prepare a tentative schedule in advance of registration, to receive their Registration Access Pin (RAP), and to obtain approval for any alterations in their previously confirmed schedule.

You must meet with your Academic Advisor to receive your Registration Access PIN (RAP).

Academic Advising

Students are responsible for entering their approved courses in the Banner system. The student confirms his or her registration by paying fees to University Accounting. All fees and expenses are due at registration. Students who have registered for classes but decide not to attend the University must drop all of their classes by registration day of that term. Students will be held responsible for payment of tuition and fees and will receive failing grades if they neglect to drop classes by the designated date.

Students should enroll in and complete fifteen to sixteen semester hours of course work each fall and spring semester if they plan to complete their program of study within four years. A special recommendation from the Department Chair/Program Director must be obtained before a full-time student will be allowed to enroll in more than 19 hours in a single semester. Students will not earn credit for courses for which they are not properly registered.