Courses may be added or dropped without penalty during the first few days of a term using Banner Web in the WConnect portal.

Students should check the academic calendar, student handbook, and/or student activities calendar for all important dates concerning dropping a course, adding a course, or changing their grade status in a course. After that time, students will need to consult their advisors for drop/add procedures.

The add/drop transaction is not final until the changes have been processed.

Withdrawing by the last day to withdraw without receiving a grade results in a grade of W on the student record, which does not calculate in the GPA. Withdrawing after that date, but by the last day to completely withdraw from the university, results in a grade of WP or WF. WP grades do not affect GPA, but WF grades do calculate into the GPA, the same as a grade of F. The withdrawal dates and deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar.