Bypass examinations are allowable, upon approval by the Department Chair/Program Director. Arrangements for the examination will be made by the Department Chair/Program Director in consultation with the student’s advisor and the Registrar. A grade of P is entered in the student’s transcript when examination credit is awarded; however, no such credit is recorded until the student has successfully completed at least three semester hours at The W. In order to receive bypass credit, the student must earn a C or better on the examination. Also the student must have completed or received credit for all courses prerequisite to that being bypassed, and the student will be expected to furnish evidence of laboratory or field experience in order to bypass a course in which the same are required. A course may not be bypassed after credit has been earned by CLEP exam or any form of advanced placement test in the respective subject area. The student may not take a bypass examination for a course in which he/she is currently enrolled.

A student who wishes to take a bypass examination must submit a completed application to the appropriate Department Chair/Program Director prior to administration of the bypass examination. A $125.00 fee will be posted to the student’s account upon submission of the bypass exam application.

Bypass Exam Application (.pdf)