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Student Instructions

Coming soon.


Faculty Instructions

Things to keep in mind while using the system:

  • Only undergraduate programs at this time have been validated.
  • Double majors are not in Degree Works yet
  • Post Bac audits are not in Degree Works yet
  • Only the 2018-19 catalogs forward have been programmed in the system
  • The audits are dynamic – courses are replaced on the audit at the end of each term
  • The most recent courses completed or currently in-progress/registered courses are placed on the audit first, pushing previously completed courses to new slots or into electives
  • It will not always put the course in the same spot as the paper audit if there are options
  • You can look at audits with or without courses in progress and/or future registered courses
    • These affects the Credits Applied count in each block area
  • You can process a new audit by clicking the Process button
  • Degree Works tries to place every course taken in a required area instead of double dipping if there are multiple courses that meet the requirement
    • For example, if PSY 101 is a major requirement and a student also took SOC 201, it will put SOC 201 in the GenEd Social Sci area and PSY 101 in the major area
  • Degree Works will use the course multiple times if there are no other courses that will fit a requirement
    • For example, If the student only took PSY 101 it would place it in the GenEd Social Sci area and in the major requirements
    • This would change if in the future the student took another GenEd Social Sci course
  • You can place advising notes on the student audit by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner that is three stacked dots
  • What-If audits can be processed against a potential new major/minor

Instructional Videos

Retrieve Student Audits

Read an Audit pt. 1

Read an Audit pt. 2

Reading a Blank Audit

Add a Note to a Student Audit

What If Analysis

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