The Graduate Council recommends general policies applicable to all graduate programs offered through the Colleges and to discuss problems, procedures, planning and administration of graduate programs.

The Graduate Council consists of the Director of Graduate Studies, who serves as Chair; the Dean of the College from each of the graduate programs; the Department Chair and Program Coordinator (where applicable) from each of the graduate programs and one rotating Graduate Student. Graduate Program Coordinators, the Assistant Registrar, and the Chief Academic Officer serve as ex-officio members.

The Graduate Council also functions as the Student Grievance Committee for grievances involving graduate students.

Graduate Council

Dr. Marty Hatton, Chair
Dean, School of Education and Director of Graduate Studies

Dr. Bob Fuller
Chair, School of Education 

Dr. Brian Anderson
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Marty Brock
Dean, College of Business & Professional Studies

Dr. Brandy Larmon
Dean, College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Dr. Kendall Dunkelberg
Chair, LLP & Director, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Dr. Dee Larson
Chair, Department of Business

Dr. Terri Hamill
Chair, Department of Graduate Nursing

Dr. Irene Pintado
Chair, Department of Health & Kinesiology

Dr. Shahara’ Tova Dente’
Director, Women’s Leadership

Dr. Hunter Manasco
Graduate Coordinator, Department of Speech-Language Pathology

Mr. David Carter
Chair, Department of Theatre

Dr. Shonda Phelon
Graduate Coordinator, Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Dr. Kelly Bennett
Graduate Coordinator, Master of Art in Teaching

Dr. Chrystal Hodges
Graduate Coordinator, Master of Education

Dr. Chad Murphy
Graduate Coordinator, Master of Public Health

Dr. Alena Groves
Graduate Coordinator, Master of Science in Nursing

Ms. Rachael Damms
Graduate Studies Librarian

Ms. Jennifer Pounders
Speech Language Pathology

Shannon Lucius, ex-officio nonvoting member

Dr. Scott Tollison, ex-officio nonvoting member
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Carla Lowery, ex-officio nonvoting member
SACS Accreditation Liaison

Student Representative

Graduate Faculty

Policy Statement 3525 requires the Graduate Council to approve faculty in advance of their teaching for the graduate programs of Mississippi University for Women (MUW). The Graduate Council defines eligibility criteria for graduate faculty in accordance with the policies and procedures established by MUW. MUW requires that faculty meet SACSCOC credentials to be appointed as graduate faculty.

Prior to the beginning of each academic term, Department Chairs and Deans are responsible for reviewing graduate program instructional needs and insuring faculty being considered for graduate instruction have been approved as qualified to do so. The credentials of any faculty who are being considered to teach graduate courses for MUW and who previously have not been approved to do so must be presented for consideration by the Graduate Council. The credentials of new faculty approved by the Graduate Council must be approved for appointment by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Department Chairs and Deans are responsible for clearly stating what qualifies faculty to teach within a specific graduate program of study. For faculty that are not qualified by a terminal degree in the teaching discipline, Department Chairs and Deans must submit additional justification and documentation of credentials for consideration by the Graduate Council at the time of initial appointment to graduate teaching status. 

Graduate Curriculum

Please submit curricular changes by e-mail to the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Martin Hatton (, Tiffany Winter (, and Patricia Caston ( Curricular materials need to be sent 7 days prior to Graduate Council meetings. Meetings are on the second Thursday of every month.

Curricular forms and any attachments will be distributed to Graduate Council members via e-mail. Graduate Council members may request printed copies of curricular forms with any related attachments and a copy of the draft minutes to be reviewed for approval. Print copies of the agenda will be provided at each meeting of the Graduate Council.

Graduate Council Forms

Graduate Council Minutes