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CARES Act Fund

The Student Emergency Fund is a separate relief fund from the CARES Act Emergency Stabilization Fund.  To complete the CARES Act Fund application follow the link below.


The Spring 2020 deadline for the Student Relief Fund was April 30th, no Spring 2020 applications will be considered. Students enrolled in the Summer 2020 with an immediate financial need are encouraged to complete this application.

The deadline for the CARES Act Emergency Stabilization Fund is June 1st.

Student Emergency Aid

The University understands that unexpected emergencies can cause significant stress and impact on a student's academic success and personal well-being. Examples of these emergencies may include but is not limited to family or personal emergencies, health issues, home and food insecurities. Help may come in a variety of forms. Please visit the following in order to learn more about the resources that are available.

For any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 662-329-7114.

Student Emergency Fund application