Secondary & K-12 Education

For those who would rather teach a certain subject or an older age range, we offer secondary and specialty programs. The specialty licensure routes of Music, Spanish, and Theatre allow you to teach the respective subject in grades K-12.

Want to teach middle school or high school? We can help you reach those goals! We offer secondary licensure route programs.

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Special Subject Areas

(Grades K-12 Music, Spanish, and Theatre)

Teacher Licensure is offered in the following special subject areas: BM in Music Education, BA in Spanish, and BA in Theatre Education, all with Teacher Certification requirements. For specific degree requirements, consult the Music, Spanish, and Theatre programs.

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Secondary Subject Areas

(Grades 7-12)

Licensure at the secondary level is offered for Biology, Physical Science, Mathematics, English, and Social Studies. For specific degree requirements, consult the section of the catalog for the specific departments associated with each discipline.

Dr. Oppenheimer teaches in a math class

Alternate Route Licensure Track & MAT Program

The School of Education offers an alternate route initial licensure for students who are interested in teaching, but did not start a Teacher Certification program early in their college career or who become interested in teaching following graduation. The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a graduate education degree and an alternative initial licensure program which provides those who complete this program an opportunity to teach in Mississippi schools. Some students may qualify to be admitted to the Accelerated MAT program while completing their bachelor’s degree. Students who meet the above Teacher Education requirements and have earned a bachelor's degree in their discipline area may apply to the MAT program as a graduate student.

Master of Arts in Teaching Program

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