Funding Needs

The School of Education supports our students and the community in multiple ways. These projects require donor support and the investment of time and energy from the faculty and staff of the School of Education, often above and beyond regular duties.

We are currently seeking donor involvement for:

  • funding and classroom materials support for first-year teachers and MAT students in low-income areas
  • scholarships for internship semester
  • CHEER (Celebrating and Highlighting Early Education Respect) conference and speaker funding
  • community event funding for local teachers and support staff
  • funding for stipends to create an SOE alumni mentor educator network
  • staffing positions for CPDC
  • funding for a Visiting Professor of Early Childhood Education
  • CPDC toddler playground remodel
  • Funding to conduct research and evaluation studies on the effectiveness of early childhood programs and interventions within Columbus-Lowndes County, helping to inform best practices
  • funding to support a licensure tract early childhood education bachelor’s degree program