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Students at The W have a free access to Brainfuse, a comprehensive suite of online tutoring, self-study, and collaborative tools designed for college students.

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How to access Brainfuse

Resources are available by using the Brainfuse link inside of Canvas. Please follow these steps to access your free online tutoring within Canvas. Please note MUW students cannot access TutorMe outside of Canvas.

Step 1 - Find Brainfuse in Canvas

Log in to Canvas. Canvas is located in the WConnect Portal.


Once in Canvas, select your course and choose Online Brainfuse Tutoring from the course menu.

Step 2 - Click Launch Brainfuse

On the Brainfuse page, click on the Launch Brainfuse button.

Step 3 - Select Live Tutoring

On the Brainfuse page, choose the subject and topic you need help with, and click Connect. Brainfuse has tutors for all subjects and all levels.

Guides and Tutorials from Brainfuse

The Brainfuse HelpNow suite features live online tutoring, writing lab assistance, and wide range of academic support tools. Even though HelpNow is easy-to-use and requires no prior training, we have prepared the following guide to provide you with a brief introduction. The first part of this guide consists of quick-start instructions. For more details about each service, see the User Guide.

Brainfuse User Guide (.pdf)

Brainfuse Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brainfuse Higher Ed?

Brainfuse Higher Ed is a comprehensive suite of online tutoring, self-study, and collaborative tools designed for college students.

When can I access Brainfuse Higher Ed?

Brainfuse is available for asynchronous tutoring 24/7, while live tutor sessions can be arranged around your schedule.

What services does Brainfuse Higher Ed offer?

The following services comprise the complete Brainfuse Higher Ed suite. Please note, however, that your institution may not have subscribed to all of these services:

  • Live Tutoring: Submit a question in our online classroom and receive live, one-on-one assistance from a Brainfuse tutor.
  • Live Skills Building: Connect with a live tutor for help mastering basic academic concepts.
  • 24-Hour Writing Lab: Submit your writing and get constructive feedback from our expert writing instructors.
  • Test Center: Visit the online test library to take practice tests in a variety of subjects. Get results instantly and, if you choose, share them with one of our tutors for a targeted skills building session.
  • 24/7 Help Center: Submit your question and a tutor will respond to you, usually within 24 hours.
  • MEET: Easily set up real-time meetings and study groups with friends and colleagues through the MEET online classroom. MEET is an ideal platform for group collaboration, whether it’s working together on a project, studying for a test, or struggling through a difficult homework assignment.
  • Brainwave: A Brainwave is a recording of your activity on the Brainwave Notepad. Create a Brainwave by simply typing or drawing on the Brainwave Notepad. Everything you do on the notepad can then be played back like a movie. Record brainwaves for yourself or share them with others. Brainwaves are particularly useful when conveying complex ideas that involve sequence, motion, and process.
  • Flashbulb: Create your own flashcard sets or visit the vast library of flashcards.

What is the difference between “Live Tutoring” and “Skills Building”?

When you need help with your homework, select Live Tutoring. If you need help with a basic academic skill, select Skills Building.

How does the writing lab work?

Brainfuse offers several types of writing assistance:

  1. Live Writing Assistance – Live help during the initial stages of the writing process with a focus on organizational structure and fluency.
  2. 24-Hour Writing Lab – (For more detailed help) Simply submit your writing and our instructors will provide you with detailed comments usually within 24 hours. It should be noted that the purpose of the writing lab is not to do the writing for you but to help you become a better writer by focusing on areas such as voice, word choice, grammar, content, sentence fluency, and organization.

How do I access Brainfuse?

Brainfuse is available from virtually any computer with Internet access, on or off campus.

Who are my tutors?

All tutors are trained and certified by Brainfuse, must possess a four-year degree, have prior teaching or tutoring experience, and clear a background check.