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Tutoring Assistance 24/7

Students at The W have a free access to TutorMe, an online education platform which provides on-demand tutoring. The TutorMe platform provides our students with access to thousands of tutors in every subject who share their understanding of concepts with students around the globe. TutorMe gives students access to tutors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tutors have access to whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen-sharing, graphing calculators, and more, ready to help you.

This service is made available through a federal Title III Strengthening Institutions grant.

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All students at The W get 5 hours per week of tutoring support through TutorMe.

How to access TutorMe

Students at MUW are provided up to 5 hours per week with no cap on each session. Students are not required to schedule an appointment with a tutor. Sessions are on demand by using the TutorMe link inside of Canvas. Please follow these steps to access your free online tutoring within Canvas. Please note MUW students cannot access TutorMe outside of Canvas.

Please note: It is recommended that students log in to TutorMe from Google Chrome for best results. Please ensure pop-ups are enabled in your web browser.

Step 1 - Find TutorMe in Canvas

Log in to Canvas. Canvas is located in the WConnect Portal.


Once in Canvas, select your course and choose TutorMe (Online Tutoring) from the course menu.

TutorMe located in the Course Menu in Canvas

Step 2 - Click Connect with a Tutor

On the TutorMe page, click on the Connect with a Tutor button.

On the TutorMe page, select Connect with Tutor

Step 3 - Choose Subject

In the search box on the TutorMe page, choose the subject you need help with. TutorMe has tutors for all subjects and all levels.

In the search box on the TutorMe page, choose the subject you need help with

Step 4 - Describe Problem

When prompted, describe your problem or question, or upload a picture with your question. A description of the question is required.)

When prompted on the TutorMe page, describe your question or problem for the tutor.

Step 5 - Connect with a Tutor

If a tutor is available, you will be connected immediately. If not, you can schedule a time for the next available tutor.

TutorMe will find a tutor for your problem, provide information about the tutor, and connect you to the tutor if they are available.

TutorMe Technical Support

 Click the speech bubble at the bottom right of the TutorMe screen to access Live chat or open a ticket. TutorMe does not offer phone support.
Learn more about chat support .

  • Live Chat - Available from 9am-6pm, M-F
  • Ticket - Any message sent via chat outside of technical support hours will be entered as a ticket.
  • Technical Support Email: support@tutorme.com

TutorMe Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I reach my limit?

Students at The W are provided up to 5 hours per week with no cap on each session. Once this limit is reached, the following message will display:

You have used your tutoring minutes for the week. Tutoring hour limits are reset each Sunday evening.

What browsers are compatible with TutorMe?

Students can use any recent version of a popular browser, but we highly recommend downloading Chrome for the best experience on TutorMe.

However, to use audio/video features in the lesson space, you must have Chrome, Firefox or Safari 11. Screen sharing is only supported on Chrome.

TutorMe’s System Requirements

What Subject Areas are available for Tutoring?

TutorMe offers over 300 subjects. The categories include: Computer Science, Engineering, Foreign Language, History, Humanities, Math, Professional, Science, & Social Science.

Complete list of all TutorMe subjects

How do I connect with Chat Support?

  1. Select TutorMe from the course navigation on the left.
  2. Click on the Chat Bubble at the bottom right corner of the TutorMe home page.

How to Contact TutorMe

How do I connect with a tutor I’ve previously worked with?

  1. Select TutorMe from the course navigation on the left.
  2. Select the name of the tutor you have recently tutored with from the right-hand side of the TutorMe home page. A chat box will appear where you can message and/or start a new lesson with the tutor.

Note: The dot to the left of the Tutor's name indicates if they are online or not. Gray means they are not online. Green means that they are online.

Note: If the tutor is currently in a lesson and you attempt to start a lesson, your lesson will be automatically rejected, but you can leave a chat for the tutor which they will see after their lesson is over.

Do I schedule a lesson?

Students do not need to schedule a time. Simply click the TutorMe link inside of Canvas and fill out the prompts to be paired with a tutor.

Once you have worked with a tutor, you can simply send them a message through the chatbox and schedule a time that best works for both of you. You can schedule to be online at the same time as the tutor, and you can request a lesson directly from your chat box.

How do I upload a file?

You can upload a file through TutorMe’s matching system, the chat box, and the file share tab in the lesson space.

Matching System

To upload a file through the matching system, follow the steps below.

  1. Search a subject or topic on the TutorMe homepage.
  2. Write a brief description of what you need help with, and click browse to upload a document from your computer.

File Sharing Tab

To upload a document using the file share feature while in a tutoring session, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the file share tab in the lesson space.
  2. Click Upload.

Note: The file will be available for the student and the tutor to view and download.

Chat Box

To upload a document in the chat box in the lesson space, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the attachment icon at the bottom of the chat box.

Note: The file will be available for the student and the tutor to view and download.

What if I have an issue with a Tutor?

Students can report a user via the gear icon on the chat box.

Reporting a User