Education Faculty & Staff

Dr. Christy Adams
Assistant Professor of Education (Reading)
Dr. Kelly Bennett
Assistant Professor of Education
Director of Field Experiences
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program Coordinator
(662) 329-7186
Dr. Hope Durst
Instructor of Education in Residence
(662) 241-6429
Christi Dillon
Professional Learning Coordinator
(662) 241-6092
Jackson Ellard
School of Education Student Success Navigator
(662) 329-7190
Rose Ford
Instructor and Jumpstart Coordinator
(662) 370-1451
Dr. Bob Fuller
Visiting Chair, Department of Education
(662) 329-7183
Dr. Martin Hatton
Dean of the School of Education
PHONE: 662-329-7191
Dr. Chrystal Hodges
Associate Professor of Education
Master of Education Program Coordinator
(662) 241-6949
Brittany Hunnicutt
Assistant to the Dean of the School of Education
Data Analyst
PHONE: (662) 329-7191
Dr. Linda Mahoney
Professor Emerita of Education
(662) 329-7432
Penny Sansing Mansell
Director of the Center for Education Support
Interim Director of the Child & Parent Development Center
(662) 241-6088
Deana Pendley
Visiting Instructor of Education
Program Support Specialist
(601) 720-1505