The Center for Education Support is dedicated to enriching the programs supported by the School of Education to improve the culture of lifelong learning in Mississippi and the region the university serves.


The Center for Education Support will create a collaborative educational hub where lifelong learning is celebrated, authentic, and innovative.


  • foster high-impact collaboration and partnership building to increase the capacity of the SOE
  • celebrate and advocate for education as an essential tool for economic and social advancement
  • advance recruitment, marketing, and retention efforts
  • assist the SOE to grow and develop educators ready to support the region’s unique needs
  • nurture and mentor induction-level educators to support impact in the classroom during the first three years
  • foster relationships with educator professionals to create a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement; use data to determine needs
  • connect research with resources to promote and implement best practices in the field of education
  • support perpetual engagement to determine and support the community and region with beneficial learning and professional development for educators

Core Values

  • advocate for safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning environments
  • foster and encourage dialogue and practice that ensures all students have the school culture to provide the skills they need to thrive
  • exhibit attitudes, dispositions, and character to model the full potential of educators as ethical decision-makers
  • deliver the respect, enthusiasm, passion, and creativity that educators deserve
  • push collaboration to empower all learning to the fullest potential
  • communicate timely, honestly, and effectively to strengthen the trust and credibility of the CES
  • be intentional with data and continuous reflective decision-making to meet the needs of educators in our region
  • utilize a spirit of resourcefulness, innovation, perseverance, hard work, and curiosity
  • be mindfully strategic and intentional with projects and the use of time and resources
  • stay engaged with all levels of lifelong learners to understand their unique pursuits of knowledge