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Congratulations on your new job at The W! You are now officially a part of the Long Blue Line. Whether you are part of the faculty, staff, or administration, your first few days will be pretty busy. We’ve compiled a helpful checklist to make sure you quickly become acclimated to your life here at The W.


Human Resources
ID Services
Preferred Name
New Faculty FAQs

Meet with Your Supervisor

On your first day, you should meet with your supervisor first. They will show you your workspace, and show you around your building. Your supervisor will also be the one to help you with keys to the building and/or your office, business cards (if needed), and Banner access.

University offices open at 8:00 a.m.

Meet with Human Resources

Shattuck Hall
(662) 329-7222

Authorization of Employment

It’s important that you meet with the Office of Human Resources on your first day. Benefits-eligible employees will receive an email from the HR Generalist with information and a scheduled time for the onboarding appointment. During this scheduled time you will complete your employment paperwork and Form I-9.

A new employee has three (3) days from start date to provide originals of work authorization documents for the Form I-9. Click here for a list of acceptable documents.

Human Resources will also provide you with all paperwork, policies, and information related to your employment during your onboarding appointment.

Retirement Plan

Within 30 days of hire, Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) eligible employees (faculty and some administrators only — HR will determine eligibility) must make an irrevocable retirement plan decision  choosing between the Mississippi Public Employees Retirement System, PERS or ORP.

Returning State Employees

All retirees from state employment must complete a Form 4B (form will be completed as part of new hire process mentioned above in Human Resources) from Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) within 5 days of hire.

Health Insurance

Within 30 days of hire, benefits eligible employees must have either elected or waived both health insurance and life insurance.

Additional Benefits

Benefit Concepts is our cafeteria plan administrator.  Human Resources can schedule your appointment with Benefit Concepts.  Employee can elect or waive all supplemental benefits but he/she must sign a form stating that the benefits have been offered to him/her.

More about available benefits >

Get Banner ID

Your Banner ID is a 9-digit number used to identify you on The W campus. Banner is used for everything from payroll to taking classes, and managing budgets to getting a parking permit. Human Resources will assign your Banner number.

Meet with Information Technology Services (ITS)

McDevitt Hall
(662) 329-7282

The office of Information Technology Services is responsible for all computers on campus. They also provide login access to all online services on campus, such as Banner and email.

Get Email

Human Resources will request a university email address be created for you. ITS will provide you with your login and password.

Banner Services

Typically your supervisor will need to fill out a form that shows which accounts and what kind of access you will need in Banner.  That form must be signed by your supervisor.

Setting up your computer

ITS can also provided you with assistance setting up your computer, should you need it. While you are in McDevitt Hall, you can schedule a time for a technician to come to your office to assist you.

Sign up for W Alert

Once you have a Banner ID and login, you will be able to sign up for W-Alert. W-Alert is the campus emergency notification system. It will be used to inform you of closings and actions to take in an emergency situation.

Meet with ID Services and MUW Police

McDevitt Hall
(662) 241-7777

The MUW Police Department and ID Services are located on the south side of McDevitt Hall. You can not access the Police Department from ITS, you will have to go around the building.

Get MUW ID Card

IDs are not available for issue until all employment paperwork is completed in HR and data entry completed in Banner.  For faculty or adjunct faculty, there is an additional step in the process performed by Academic Affairs before an ID can be issued.

Get Parking Permit

You must apply online for your MUW parking decal at the following site: Click the “Create Account” button and complete the profile information. Register the vehicle. You will need the make, model, and license plate number. The $25 fee will be billed to your account and deducted from your paycheck. You pick up your decal from MUW Police (McDevitt Hall).

Preferred Name

Mississippi University for Women recognizes that some employees may desire an alternative name (nickname) by which they are addressed.  This name could be slightly different from your legal name or a name that you are most commonly referred.  For this reason, the University will permit the use of “Preferred Names.”  Employees may submit the preferred name via the Biographical Form during new hire onboarding or by contacting Human Resources. 

When indicated by the employee, preferred names will be used in less formal communications and be displayed in the University’s online directory along with the legal name.

Preferred names will not be used for official University business or on any official documentation submitted by the Office of Human Resources due to legal requirements.  However, whenever reasonably possible, a preferred name will be used.

Preferred names may be used as long as it is not in any form of misrepresentation or fraud. In addition, the University reserves the right to remove the preferred name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language.  Any removal of inappropriate preferred names will default to the employee’s legal name.


Legal name:  The name as it appears on a legal document such as a Social Security card or other document in which a legal name change is recorded (e.g. court order for employee’s dependent or beneficiary).

Preferred name:  The name a person wishes to be known and have appear in the University systems.


  • Your legal name is William Charles Jones. Your preferred name might be Liam Jones.
  • Your legal name is Anna Katherine Smith. Your preferred name might be Katie Smith.
  • Your legal name is Michael James McCarter. Your preferred name might be Mac McCarter.

Places Where Legal Name will Display

  • Insurance documents
  • Payroll and tax forms
  • Retirement documents
  • Formal HR correspondence

Places Where Preferred Name Will Display

  • General documents or correspondence
  • Online Directory
  • Email Display
  • Identification card (preferred name must match HR employee record)

How Do Current Employees Update Preferred Name

  • Contact Human Resources

How Do Current Employees Update Legal Name

  • Contact Human Resources
  • Bring your updated Social Security card to HR
  • An updated Form I-9 must be processed by HR for any legal name changes along with forms for applicable benefits

Frequently Asked Questions


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Budget Managers

Q. As a budget manager, where can I get a hard copy of my monthly Banner printouts for my organization’s monthly activity of financial transactions?
A. Call the University Accounting Office, ext. 7210, to request to receive the monthly budget printouts.

Business Cards

Q. How do I request business cards?
A. In order to obtain business cards, you must first contact the Office of University Relations and ask for the Graphic Designer, at 329-7119. Ask University Relations or Purchasing for local printer recommendations.

Campus Directory

Q. Where can I get a campus directory?
A. The directory is available online here.

Campus Map

Q. Where can I get a campus map?
A. Click here.

Campus Recreation

Q. How do I get my membership to use Stark Recreation Center?
A. Memberships for the Recreation Center are free for benefits eligible MUW faculty and staff. You must present your MUW ID to the office of Campus Recreation.

Q. Do we offer swim lessons for adults and children?
A. Yes, Campus Recreation (241-7494) offers swim lessons throughout the year.

Q. Do we offer Personal Training packages at the Stark Recreation Center?
A. Yes, you can purchase a personal training package through Campus Recreation (241-7494). Their prices are more affordable than other fitness centers.

Q. What Group Fitness classes do we offer?
A. The best place to check out the classes we offer is on the website at These are drop in classes that you do not have to pay to attend if you are a Campus Recreation member.

Q. How can I rent a locker through Campus Recreation?
A. Campus Recreation, 241-7494.

Campus Tour

Q. How can I get a campus tour?
A. Admissions, Welty Hall, 2nd floor, ext. 7106.

Columbus Arts Council Events

Q. Where do I obtain information on a waiver for admission to Columbus Arts Council events held on campus?
A. The admission fee is waived for faculty, staff and students when attending Columbus Arts Council events held on the W campus. All you need to do is present your W photo I.D. upon arrival at the event.

Email / Banner / Computers

Q. How do I get my email and Banner setup?
A. Information Technology Services (ITS) in McDevitt Hall, ext. 7282. Human Resources creates the Banner ID and requests the email. Typically your supervisor will need to fill out a form that shows which accounts and what kind of access you will need in Banner. That form must be signed by your supervisor.

Q. Who can help set up my computer?
A. Information Technology Services (ITS), McDevitt Hall, ext. 7282. They will be able to give you an idea of the process and time frame.

Emergency Procedures

Q. Where can I locate our Emergency Procedures?
A. Emergency Procedures are located on The W’s Police Department page.

Employee Housing

Q. Where can I find employee housing information?
A. The university has 48 apartments available for faculty and staff. You can find out more from the Office of Resources Management, ext. 7126.

Employee ID

Q. Where do I get my employee ID?
A. ID Card Services, McDevitt Hall, 241-6261. IDs are not available for issue until all employment paperwork is completed in HR and data entry completed in Banner. For faculty or adjunct faculty, there is an additional step in the process performed by Academic Affairs before an ID can be issued.

Fuelman Cards

Q. Where do I get a Fuelman (credit card for purchasing gas for university vehicles) pin number?
A. Resources Management, ext. 7126.

Q. Where can I find out more information about the use of Fuel Man?

Health Services

Q. Are health services available on campus?
A. The campus health center is located in Eckford Hall. In the fall and spring semesters the center is open from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. During the summer, the center is open two days a week – Tuesdays and Thursdays. The center is staffed by Nurse Practitioners who are licensed to diagnose and treat many common conditions. MUW faculty, staff and students are eligible to use the health center. There is no fee charged for routine visits for employees; however, there is a nominal charge for medications, supplies and complete physical examinations. No appointment is needed as patients are seen on a first come, first serve basis. Please have your MUW photo I.D. with you when you come to the health center.

Inventory Training / Manual

Q. Where can I get inventory training or an inventory manual?
A. Resources Management, ext. 7126.


Q. Where do I get my keys?
A. Ask your department head to be certain, but Facilities Management issues building and office keys with some exceptions. The keys must first be requested by your office or your supervisor in writing, but you will have to personally pick up and sign for the keys when they are ready. Contact Facilities, ext. 7396.

Leave Guidelines

Q. How do I accrue and use leave?
A. You may review the Leave Guidelines found here: . Contact Human Resources at 329-7758 if you have any questions.


Q. Will I be able to use the library on campus?
A. Information pertaining to access to the Fant Memorial Library can be found here: You may contact the library at 329-7332.

Meal Tickets

Q. Do we offer meal tickets/plans for employees?
A. We do not offer meal plans for employees, but employees can purchase meals at a reduced rate. Employees may be eligible for payroll deduction for the cost of meals. Forms are available in Human Resources and eligibility must be verified by Human Resources. The meal allotments are added to the employee’s ID card once approved. The employee simply swipes the ID card when entering the cafeteria to pay for the meal. Please contact Sodexo, ext. 7411 for more information on the rates.

Organizational Chart

Q. Where can I find the University Organizational Chart?


Q. Where do I get my parking permit?
A. MUW Police Department, McDevitt, Hall, 241-7777.  You will need the make, model, and license plate number to do that. The $25 fee will be billed to your account and deducted from your paycheck.

Q. Where can employees park?
A. Faculty and Staff with proper permit may park in any green or white space that is not designated as reserved or for visitor parking.


Q. How do I use the MUW phone system and set up voice mail?
A. Ask for instructions from your department or ITS for assistance, ext. 7282,

Procurement Cards

Q. Where do I get a procurement card application (The procurement card program offers the University a way of doing business by providing Visa credit cards to end users in the departments. Department heads determine who should have a procurement card.)?
A. Resources Management, ext. 7126. Other procurement card information is available at:

Purchasing Training

Q. Where can I get purchasing training (including online requisition training) or a purchasing manual?
A. Resources Management, ext. 7126.

Reserving Campus Venues

Q. How do I reserve on-campus space for meetings/events?
A. Resources Management, ext. 7126.

Tuition Waivers

Q. Who is eligible for Tuition Waivers? (tuition scholarships/waivers for eligible employees and eligible dependents)?
A. Financial Aid, Welty Hall, 1st floor, ext. 7114. Some information is available here.

Q. Where can I get Tuition Waiver/Remission application for me or my eligible dependent(s)?
A. Tuition remission information for your spouse or child can be found here.

New Faculty FAQ

Q. How do I get information about Canvas and gain access to it?
A. You can find out more about Canvas at:

Q. Where can I find the Faculty Handbook?
A. The Faculty Handbook can be found on the Academic Affairs page, under Faculty Resources.