Performance Appraisals

In FY 2014, the university introduced a new process for staff performance appraisals.

Berkshire & Associates, the firm that worked with us on the job classification process helped us with the revision of our staff performance appraisal process to reflect the  University’s standards as measured in the classification process. 

The process identifies core competencies that exemplify the University’s values and  promote the advancement of University goals.

This process is completed annually in PeopleAdmin.

Supervisor Performance Appraisals

The form below should be used to evaluate your supervisor’s performance. The review period is the previous calendar year. The competencies definitions are provided in the link below the form and should be used to determine the appropriate ratings for each Performance Criterion. Turn in completed forms to your supervisor’s supervisor by the deadline indicated in the official employee announcement, which is typically mid December or early January. You may call Human Resources at 329-7222 or email if you have any questions.


Supervisor Performance Appraisal

Competencies Definitions:

Management Competencies