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Canvas by instructure


Only a few pilot courses will be taught in Canvas during the Fall 2015 semester. The window for requesting to be part of the pilot program has closed. If you are not part of the pilot program, your Fall 2015 classes will appear in Blackboard as usual. However, all faculty will have access to their Fall 2015 courses within Canvas to allow for training and establishing comfort with the new system before it becomes the official campus-wide LMS in the Spring 2016 semester. If you have any questions about using Canvas please contact us.


Canvas Instructor Handouts

Canvas Getting Started and Communicating Instructor Handout

Canvas Content and Collaboration Instructor Handout

Canvas Assignments and Grading Instructor Handout

Canvas Conferences Instructor Handout


Canvas System Requirements and Getting Started

First Time Canvas Login Instructions

Canvas Computer Requirements

Canvas Browser Requirements 


Canvas Instructor Resources 

Canvas Quick Fact Sheet (New)

Canvas Tips and Tricks (New)

Canvas Instructor Guide Resource Page

Canvas Getting Started Instructor Course (In Canvas)


Canvas Fact Sheets

Canvas Inactive vs Concluded Grade Center


Canvas Instructor Video Tutorials 

Setting Up Your Course

Calendar Overview (Instructors)

Canvas App Center - External LTI Tools (Instructors)

Canvas Interface Overview (Instructors)

Canvas-PowerSchool Integration Overview (Instructors)

Courses: Creation & Management (Instructors)

Course Analytics (Instructors)

Course Expectations: Canvas Kaleidoscope (Instructors)

Course Import Tool (Instructors)

Course Layout: Customization (Instructors)

Course Settings (Instructors)

Course Settings Part 2 (Instructors)

Draft State Overview (Instructors)

Files: Add Course Content (Instructors)

Groups: Creation & Management (Instructors)

Modules: Creation & Management (Instructors)

Pages: Creation & Management (Instructors)

Rich Content Editor (All Users)

People Overview (Instructors)

Syllabus Overview (Instructors)


Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions

Assignments Overview (Instructors)

Assignment Creation (Instructors)

Discussions Overview (Instructors)

Discussion Creation (Instructors)

Quiz Creation: Questions (Instructors)

Quiz Creation: Settings (Instructors)


Communication: Announcements, Chats, Collaborations, Conferences

Communication Overview (Instructors)

Announcements Overview (Instructors)

Chat Overview (Instructors)

Collaborations Overview (Instructors)

Conferences Overview (Instructors)


Assessment: Gradebook, SpeedGrader, Rubrics, Outcomes

Gradebook Overview (Instructors)

Outcomes Overview (Instructors)

Rubrics Overview (Instructors)

SpeedGrader Overview (Instructors)

Crocodoc Overview (Instructors)



Canvas Commons

Commons Overview

Commons: Find, Import, Share

Commons: Updatable Resources


Canvas for Mobile Devices

SpeedGrader for Android (Instructors)

SpeedGrader for iOS (Instructors)

Canvas App for Android Tablet (All Users)

Canvas App for Android Phone (All Users)

Canvas App for iPad (All Users)

Canvas App for iPhone (All Users)