Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

Standards of Conduct

Mississippi University for Women is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace and workforce in conformity with federal laws as set forth in the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Department of Defense (DOD) Drug-Free Workforce Rule of 1988. As a result of these laws and of the policy of this institution that the campus of Mississippi University for Women be a drug-free workplace, faculty and staff members are specifically prohibited from possessing, using, manufacturing, selling, distributing, or in any other way involving themselves with controlled substances both on and off campus, except as permitted in the relevant legislation.

MUW Faculty and Staff Drug and Alcohol Policy (pdf)

Legal Sanctions


Health Risks Associated with Substance Abuse

The substance abuser faces many health risks if abusive behaviors continue. Physical as well as psycho-social problems may be present as a result of the continued use of alcohol or drugs.

PhysicalLong-term substance abuse may lead to heart muscle damage, increase the risk of heart disease, and lead to heart failure.
Liver destruction
Severe damage to the digestive tract
Damage to the reproductive system
Can cause birth defects if alcohol or drugs are used during pregnancy
Physical dependence with abuse of certain substances
Blood disorders
Risk of AIDS or Hepatitis if drugs are injected
PsychologicalMood swings
Mental disorders
SocialPersonal tragedy
Family violence
Loss of friends
Ruined career
Legal problems
Financial problems
Accidents (motor vehicle accidents, drowning, poisoning, overdosing, etc.)

Local Drug & Alcohol Programs

Service/OrganizationDescriptionContact Information
Baptist Behavioral HealthcareInpatient Detox; Also have Chemical Dependency IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)–Eight week treatment program, 4 nights per week, 3 hours per night (5:30p – 8:30p)2520 5th Street North
Columbus, MS 39705
(662) 244-1728
(662) 244-2560
Community Counseling Services (CCS)Provides outpatient therapy for substance abusers and their families. In addition, CCS administers two residential treatment programs.1001 Main Street
Columbus, MS 39701
(662) 328-9225
The PinesA residential treatment program administered through CCS for male substance abusers. Inpatient care is provided for a minimum of six (6) weeks and is based on income status. Self-referrals may be made; however, other referrals may be through family members or the courts.1011 Main Street
Columbus, MS 39701
(662) 327-7916
Cady HillA residential treatment program administered through CCS for female substance abusers. The type of care, cost, and the referral systems are the same as The Pines.1011 Main Street
Columbus, MS 39701
(662) 327-7916
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)Provides help and support to people who have problems with drug and alcohol abuse. AA also sponsors Al-Anon which is a program designed for the family of the abuser.For more information about meeting times and locations contact AA at (662) 327-8941
Recovery HouseProvides information, intervention, assessment, referrals, family counseling, and employee assistance programs. An alcohol and drug treatment center.Main Office: Golden Road, or P.O. Box 2590, Columbus, MS 39704
(662) 329-4333

Drug-Free Awareness Program

 Student Affairs brings programming to our employees each year allowing them to participate in programs for students.

Disciplinary Sanctions

  1. Depending upon the facts relating to any drug conviction or use, the employee may be: suspended pending further investigation; required to participate in a drug abuse assistance program; issued a written warning; terminated; or allowed to continue in a work status. For terminations, the applicable termination procedure will apply, based upon the status of the employee. Any action will be initiated within thirty (30) days after the facts become known by the University.
  2. If an employee employed on a federal contract or grant fails to notify their immediate supervisor of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace within five (5) working days after such conviction, they will be suspended pending investigation with termination possible.
  3. If an employee is suspected of violating any criminal drug statute in the workplace, the MUW Police Department will be called to begin investigation of the case.
  4. If an employee is found to be under the influence of alcohol while on the job, that employee may be subject to disciplinary action including possible termination of employment.