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Q:How often are positions posted?
A:Positions are posted as they become available, so keep a regular check on the link above.
Q:Can I create my account at the link above even if I’m not applying for one of the currently open positions?
A:Yes! In fact, we recommend that you complete your account as soon as possible so that when a position comes open, you can apply immediately.
Q:How do I create my account?
A:At the link above
 Select “Create Account” near the upper left corner
 Select “Login without Vitae”
 Complete Account information
 Click “Create”
 Complete Demographic information
Q:How do I upload my resume to my account?
A:Once you are logged in to your account:
 Choose “Your Documents”
 Upload your resume
Q:Should I upload a generic cover letter?
A:We recommend that you have a cover letter template on your computer, but that you personalize each cover letter as you apply for the individual positions
Q:What if I have been awarded Federal Work-Study and have questions about getting my Federal Work-Study job?
A:Students who have been awarded federal work-study should contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have any questions about your federal work-study award.
Q:What if I was awarded Federal Work-Study, can I still apply for the positions at the link above?
A:Yes. Federal Work-Study recipients are eligible to apply for the positions posted at the link above.
Q:How many hours can I work in a week?
A:Students are limited to working 20 hours per week in campus student employment during the fall and spring semesters.
Q:Can I have more than one student job on campus?
A:Yes, students can have more than one job but are still limited to working no more than 20 hours per week in all jobs combined.
Q:Once I’m hired in a student worker or Federal Work-Study position, what paperwork or forms do I need to fill out?
 A:You will receive an email from Human Resources with information about completing student employment paperwork. Some student positions require a pre-employment background check and you will be notified by Human Resources if this is required. You are not authorized to begin work until you have been cleared through Human Resources.
How do I keep up with my hours worked and how often do I get paid?
 A:Students are paid every two weeks on the biweekly payroll. View Biweekly Payroll Dates. You will need to record hours worked on a student time log and submit it your supervisor for approval. Your supervisor will give you the deadline to submit your time log for payroll and it is your responsibility to ensure you submit it before the deadline. View instructions on completing the time log