Welcome to the Center for Educational Support

Welcome to the new CES! The CES thrives in helping birth-12th grade educators and classrooms in our community and region.

The CES was founded July 1, 2023 to offer a support arm to the School of Education at The W. It’s a unique opportunity to start something new from the groundwork of something old.  The Outreach and Innovation team laid an excellent foundation of relationships, learning, and programming. We’re continuing their work and focusing on education initiatives and continuing education, but now centering the work solidly within the School of Education as the educational hub for our unit. 

The overarching goal of the SOE is to build and support the education workforce, starting with teachers’ early education through elementary, middle, and high school and then continuing through lifelong learning. We are all acutely aware that there is an educator shortage and a real need to support teachers as they acclimate to the classroom and to help them develop the culture and passion for staying in the school serving students.

  • The CES will support the recruitment, marketing, and retention of our current university education students and offer opportunities for growth and support during the first few transitional induction years of teaching.
  • The CES will continue advocating and supporting current teachers with professional development, professional learning, CEUs, and resources as they develop confidence as classroom leaders.
  • The CES will continue with seasoned partnerships and collaborate to build new ones, including grants and funding to support this necessary work. 

Our goal is to continue cultivating a love of lifelong learning and teaching, which is the mission of the School of Education. 

Education drives everything from the economy, jobs, and poverty rates, to community sustainability. We believe high-quality education can transform lives and communities. To have high quality, teachers need continuous training and support. Lifelong education, starting at birth, is the change agent for society. We are working to build the new CES team to make it all happen.  We’re all excited to hit the ground running and get busy on priorities.  We have vital work to tackle.

We hope to work with you soon!

Penny Mansell