The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008 requires that universities make available to current and prospective students important information concerning each institution’s academic programs, retention rates, graduation rates, crime reports, financial aid procedures and more in an effort to ensure fairness and transparency for all higher education consumers. Mississippi University for Women has developed this webpage for current and prospective students to access the necessary information according to HEOA. It is our hope that this effort between Mississippi University for Women and the Department of Education to provide data to will allow prospective students to access the information they need to make the best college decision for them and their future.

For additional information about Mississippi University for Women, please see the College Navigator website maintained by the U.S. Department of Education. The site contains information regarding over 7,000 institutions of higher learning in the United States, including Mississippi University for Women.

General Institutional Information

Privacy of Student Records-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities

Student Diversity

Price of Attendance

Net Price Calculator

Refund Policy

Requirements for Withdrawal

Return of Federal Financial Aid (Title IV)

Educational Programs

Instructional Facilities


Transfer of Credit Policies and Articulation Agreements

Accreditation, Approval, and Licensure of Institution and Programs

Copyright Infringement-Policies and Sanctions

Student Activities

Career and Job Placement Services

Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members

Student Financial Assistance

Notice of Availability of Institutional and Financial Aid Information

Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional or Financial Aid Information

Assistance Available from Federal State, Local, and Institutional Programs

Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations

Student Loan Information

Federal Direct Loans

Loan Counseling

Institutional Code of Conduct for Education Loans

Private Education Loans

Health and Safety

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Vaccination Policies

Campus Security Policies, Crime Statistics, and Crime Log

Fire Safety Policies, Fire Statistics, and Fire Log (On-Campus Housing Facilities)

Emergency Information

Student Outcomes

Student Achievement

Graduation Rates (Student Right-to-Know Act)

Job Placement Rates for Graduates

Voter Registration

Voter Registration

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