Women's College

From History to Leadership

Grounded in the university’s rich history of academic and leadership development for women, the Women’s College empowers you by:

  • helping you make sense of the dynamics that shape women's lives and professional opportunities
  • providing you with a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community of students, faculty, and alums
  • showcasing women's excellence and leadership in the past and present
  • giving you skills and experiences to help you forge your own path and become a transformational leader in your profession and community

Embrace community. Ignite your passion.

By joining the Women’s College community, you can

  • find your voice, express your ideas, and put your ideas into practice
  • develop self-confidence and initiative
  • build a stronger sense of your purpose
  • learn to be a leader
  • be better prepared for your first job or graduate school

Intimate Learning, Lasting Impact

The Curriculum

The Women’s College curriculum is built on MUW’s strong foundation of courses across majors that focus on women’s and gender issues. Our expert faculty will help you increase your gender awareness while you develop community with other women’s College students and gain support for pursuing your own goals. Students complete one of two paths. The name of each path honors MUW’s creation in 1884 as the first public college for women in the United States.

Transformative Learning

In small classes led by passionate faculty and relying on a strong network of students, faculty, and alums, you will forge mentoring relationships to help you develop and pursue your goals. You will also further develop the skills that will make you more successful after graduation: thinking critically, being socially and politically aware and responsible, working as part of a team, writing and speaking effectively, being self-directed, and making sound decisions.