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Types of Aid

The W was founded on the concept that all Mississippians should have an opportunity to receive an education. To that end, the university is committed to meeting as much of the needs of its students as possible.

You financial aid package will likely consist of a number different types of aid. In this section, we offer a look at the options available to you.


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The W offers a variety of scholarships for all sorts of scholars. There are awards for academic performance, academic interest, W legacy, financial need, and others. Scholarships are awarded by the Office of Admissions or individual academic departments.



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Grants are funds provided for your education by the state or federal government. Unlike a loan, grants do not have to be repaid.



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Work-Study Opportunities

The W offers part-time employment opportunities to students to help pay for your expenses. Opportunities vary, with positions available in most campus offices. There are two types of work-study opportunities, the federal program and the institutional program. All student-workers are paid bi-weekly.



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Loans are funds borrowed from your bank or other lending institution. Student Loans must be repaid, with interest. The W is committed to reducing the debt burden of its students. There are many options for helping fund your education, so we encourage you to research all your options. We also encourage families to borrow only when absolutely necessary, and then only to extent that is needed.



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Veterans & Military Families

The United States government offers special financial aid options for current and former members of the armed forces, as well as for their families. We have compiled a list options available to you. In addition to these benefits, you may also be eligible for any of the options listed above.