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The W Counseling Center encourages readers to evaluate these materials and use whay they find helpful. Any material provided below is meant to be a resource or guide, but is not intended to serve in place of seeking professional mental health assistance. If you feel you may need help beyond what is provided below, please call the Counseling Center at 662.329.7748 or visit our the center to make an appointment.


College Students

For Mental Health Information for College Students

Online Resource Center for College Students Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

Career Planning

Located in Cochran Hall, 2nd Floor

Phone: 662.329.7619

Depression & Anxiety

Eating Disorders



Local Services

Eckford Hall

Phone: (662) 329-728

Phone: (662) 244–1000

Phone: (662) 328-9225

Mental Health


Sexual Assault

Suicide Prevention