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The Purchasing Office of Mississippi University for Women is organized and administered as an integral part of the office of Finance and Administration.  The purchasing function promotes the objectives of the University by providing administrators, faculty, and staff necessary supplies, equipment and services.  The Purchasing Office is located in the Physical Plant Building on 11th Street and can be reached by calling 329-7126. The campus box number is MUW-1628.

The basic objective of the Purchasing office is to obtain supplies, equipment, and services efficiently and effectively – that is, in the right quality and quantity, at the right price, from the right source, and in a timely and organized manner which will provide for essential accountability of University expenditures.

Completion of the purchasing process involves the joint effort of the Purchasing Office, user departments, and vendors (sellers).  However, the Purchasing Office has the final authority to conduct and conclude agreements concerning prices and conditions of sale.  Institutional commitments are made by the Purchasing Office in accordance with requisitioning and ordering procedures.  The office also provides a control function by acting as the legal agent of all departments within the University in dealing with every firm which supplies or aspires to supply materials, equipment, and services.

No individual has the authority to enter into any contract or in any way obligate Mississippi University for Women for a procurement indebtedness unless specifically authorized to do so by the Purchasing Agent.  Any such negotiations are considered as unauthorized purchases and the individual may encounter a personal obligation to the vendor.  Firms ordinarily doing business with the University are aware of this policy and are advised that all purchases chargeable to Mississippi University for Women must be received on official Purchase Orders signed by the Purchasing Agent.  The University will not reimburse officers or employees for the cost of any purchases on behalf of the University unless previous arrangements to that end have been made.

Information on Reviewing University Contracts

The State Contract Checklist (.pdf) is created by the Attorney General’s Office, Universities Division when reviewing contracts submitted by the State Institutions of Higher Learning.

Use of The W brand

The marks of the university are trademarked and require a license to use for any purpose. Find out more about licensing and find licensed vendors on the University Branding website>

Purchasing Documents