The University maintains a fleet of cars, vans, and shuttles which staff and faculty may use for official university business.

What types of vehicles are available?

The University has three (3) Ford Taurus; five (5) Impalas; one (1) 7-passenger van; two (2) 12-passenger vans; one (1) 6-passenger shuttle; and four (4) 8-passenger shuttles.

Who can reserve (use) a vehicle?

Any licensed University employee may request a vehicle reservation. Any licensed University employee who meets the below criteria may operate a vehicle.

How can a vehicle be reserved?

The University employee must complete a Vehicle Request Form and have it signed by the Department/Division head.  The form must be forwarded to Resources Management along with a copy of the driver’s license of the person driving the vehicle. 

The driver must also read the vehicle manual and sign the Vehicle Manual Acknowledgment form.  If the request form is approved, a vehicle packet should be picked up from the Resources Management office.  All vehicles are located at the Motor Pool on 15th Street South and should be picked up and returned there. 

Motor Vehicles Shuttle Carts

If the vehicle is returned after normal business hours, contact W Police to have the gates to the motor pool opened. The vehicle packet should be left at the Guard House on front campus.  If the vehicle is returned during normal business hours, the vehicle packet should be returned to the Resources Management office.

Motor Vehicles

MUW Fleet Vehicle Charges

Type of VehicleRate per Mile
Car.38 cents per mile
Seven (7) Passenger Van.59 cents per mile
Twelve (12) Passenger Van.72 cents per mile

Additional Charges

Resources Management will be charging an extra $25.00 for the use of a university vehicle if the following is not completed:

  • The vehicle packet returned on time with car key, fuel man gas card, and a completed vehicle use form.
  • Accurate beginning and ending mileage noted on vehicle use form and on clip board in the car.
  • Accurate mileage entered at the gas pump.
  • Vehicle must have a full tank when returned.
  • Vehicle must be returned to motor pool lot.
  • No cancelation notice within 24 hours of requested pick up date.

Motor Vehicle Documents




Shuttle Carts

Shuttle Documents


Fuelman Program

Fuelman logo

What is Fuelman?

A nationwide commercial fueling network of thousands of convenient fueling locations linked to an electronic purchasing, management, and reporting system.

How does it work?

It works like an ATM card.  When you reserve a University vehicle, you will receive a Fuelman card.  You will also receive your own personal pin number.  Pull up to the pump and fuel your vehicle — you then must pay inside the store.  You will need to enter your personal pin number and your vehicle mileage.

Where can I use the Fuelman card?

At approximately 1.000 sites in Mississippi and over 20,000 sites across the U.S.  To find the nearest site that excepts the Fuelman card click on the link below:

Fuelman Site Locator