Printing, Paper, and Envelope Purchasing Guide for W Departments

  1. Any printer desiring to do business with MUW must agree to sign a “Printing, Paper and Envelope Purchasing Agreement For Potential MUW Vendors” which can be found by clicking on the vendor agreement form:
  2. Printers who have not had their name added to the list on the MUW website (listed below) will be allowed to compete for business but must complete and submit the agreement prior to doing any business with MUW.
  3. Use of the MUW logo, marks, name, etc. – Printers may use the MUW logo, marks, name, etc. when printing letterhead and business cards for use by MUW offices only and may not be used for resale. Any unauthorized use will be cause for removal of the firm’s name from the list of potential printers as well as discontinuance of further business with that printer. See the Branding page for usage, licensing information, and available marks.

LETTERHEAD, BUSINESS CARDS AND PRINTED ENVELOPES –– please contact University Relations to approve layout and then contact vendor to order supplies.

For all other printed materials, state purchasing laws stipulate the following:

$0 to $5,000 – Competition is not legally required. Purchasing urges departments to contact at least two potential providers to get prices. It’s hard to know if you are getting a good deal if you have nothing to compare it to.

Over $5,000 to $50,000 – A minimum of two written quotes are required. The quotes should be detailed enough to ensure both providers are bidding on the same requirements. The quotes should be sent out by the Purchasing office – so consult with them on your specifications.

Over $50,000 – the department should develop specifications and submit to the Purchasing office so that this can be advertised for bid.

Procurement Card – the P-card can be used to pay for printing jobs.

A list of vendors that have agreed to our standards is shown below. Other printers may be used but must sign the agreement prior to doing any work for MUW.

Allmond Printing Co., John Allmond,

American Printing Co., David Phipps,

Birmingham Printing & Publishing,

Business Machines Plus, Inc., Tim L. Wallace,

C & P Printing, Inc., Dewey Petigo,

Creasey Printing Services, Kelli Lynch,

Dallas Printing, Inc., Andrew Grandfield,

Mid-South Fine Printers, Skip Miles,

Office Depot, Don Kilbourne,

Pinnacle Printing and Copying, Leslie Owen,

Prographics, Inc., Mike Burks,

Promo Direct,

Weatherall Printing Company, Wade Kellett,