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Guidelines for the MUW Policy Statement System1000
 Policy Statement 1000 
 Policy Statement Transmittal Form (PDF format)
 (NOTE: If you wish to update a policy statement, the Word version of most policy statements is available by contacting Patricia Caston Please use the “Track Changes” function in Word for all changes made to policy statement drafts.
 P.S. 1001 Governing Laws and Policies 
 P.S. 1002 Editorial Changes to Policy Statements 
Academic – Administration1100
Academic – Course Delivery1200
 P.S. 1201 Distance Learning  
 P.S. 1202 Non-Credit Activities 
 P.S. 1203 Definition of a Credit Hour  
Academic – Faculty1300
 P.S. 1301 Employment of Faculty or Professional Staff in the Area of Academic Affairs
 P.S. 1302 Standards for Initial Appointment and Continuing Employment of Faculty 
 P.S. 1303 Promotion of Faculty 
 P.S. 1304 Tenure of Faculty 
 P.S. 1305 Procedures for Conferring Emeritus Rank on Retiring Faculty
 P.S. 1306 Educational and Sabbatical Leaves of Absence for MUW Faculty Members
 P.S. 1307 Adjunct Faculty and Faculty Overloads
 P. S. 1308 Substantive Change Policy
 P.S. 1309 Course Syllabi 
 P.S. 1310 Faculty Development Monies 
 P.S. 1311 Misconduct in Research 
 P.S. 1312 Post-Tenure Review 
 P.S. 1313 Criteria and Procedures for Faculty Salary Increases 
 P.S. 1314 Standards for Evaluation of Faculty and Academic Department Chairs
Academic – Student1500
Affirmative Action1900
Awards and Honors2700
Budget Management2900
Campus Safety3100
 P.S. 3101 Free Speech and Assembly P.S. 3102 Use of Tobacco  
Computer Services3300
 P.S. 3301 Allocation and Use of Information Technology Resources 
 P.S. 3302 Appropriate Use of Electronic Communication and Information Network Resources 
 P.S. 3303 Clean Desk Policy
 P.S. 3304 Data Governance and Classification
 P.S. 3305 Information Security Awareness Training
 P.S. 3306 Information/Data Security
 P.S. 3307 Privacy of Electronic Information
 P.S. 3308 Email Management
Councils and Committees3500
 P.S. 3502 Student Scholastic Appeals Committee 
 P.S. 3503 Institutional Review Board 
 P.S. 3504 Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee
 P.S. 3505 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
 P.S. 3507 Faculty Research Committee
 P.S. 3508 The Undergraduate Curriculum Council 
 P.S. 3509 Student Emergency Fund Committee
 P.S. 3515 Academic Council 
 P.S. 3516 Honors College Committee 
 P.S. 3518 Faculty Library Advisory Committee 
 P.S. 3520 Scholarship Appeals Committee
 P.S. 3523 Academic Grievances Committee
 P.S. 3525 Graduate Council 
 P.S. 3526 Academic Calendar Committee 
 P.S. 3528 Faculty Appeals Committee 
 P.S. 3533 Teacher Education Council 
 P.S. 3534 Academic Standards Board 
 P.S. 3535 MUW Staff Council 
 P.S. 3538 Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) Council 
 P.S. 3539 Directors Council 
 P.S. 3541 Administrative Council 
 P.S. 3543 Graduate Student Scholastic Appeals Committee 
 P.S. 3544 MUW Council of Chairs 
 P.S. 3545 Sustainability Committee 
 P.S. 3546 Enrollment Management Council 
P.S. 3547 Campus Technology Advisory Council 
P.S. 3548 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council
External Affairs3900
 P.S. 3901 Solicitation and Handling of Funds from External Sources
Facility Utilization4100
 P.S. 4101 Guidelines for the Management and Use of MUW Facilities
 P.S. 4102 Guidelines for the Use of Plymouth Bluff 
Financial Accounting4300
Financial Aid–Student Employment4600
Financial Aid Scholarships (University Funds)4700
Financial Aid (Federal Funds)4800
Food Services5000
Grants/Gifts Management5200
 P.S. 5203 Solicitation of Sponsored Programs from External Sources
 P.S. 5204 Administration of Sponsored Programs from External Sources
 P.S. 5205 University Endowment Spending Policy
Health Policies5300
 P.S. 5501 Identification Cards 
Judicial/Grievance Procedures5600
Library Services5800
 P.S. 6704 MUW Faculty and Staff Drug and Alcohol Policy 
 P.S. 6705 Annual Performance Evaluation of University Administrators 
 P.S. 6706 Hiring of Non-Academic Staff and Professionals 
 P.S. 6708 Whistleblower
Printing/Duplication Services6900
Property Management7000
 P.S. 7001 Control of Physical Property 
 P.S. 7002 Wireless Communications Devices 
 P.S. 7003 Sustainability Policy 
Public Relations7100
 P.S. 7101 Relations with Government Officials
 P.S. 7102 Administrative Guidelines for the Appointment of Advisory Boards
 P.S. 7201 Textbook Adoption
 P.S. 7202 Conflict of Interest/Anti-Kickback and Procurement Ethics
 P.S. 7203 Use of University Funds for Entertainment, Light Refreshments and Meals 
Records Management7400
 P.S. 7401 Records Retention 
 P.S. 7402 Identity Theft Prevention Program 
 P.S. 7501 Intellectual Property (Copyright)
 P.S. 7601 Campus Solicitation and Sales to the University 
Special Events7800
Student Conduct8000
Student Counseling8200
Student Organizations8500
 P.S. 8502 Student Organizations
Student Publications8700
Traffic Control9000
 P.S. 9301 Travel as A University Employee 
University Administration9400
University Vehicles9600

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