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Photograph Collection

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A large sampling of historical photographs from the Beulah Culbertson Archives and Special Collections is available in .jpg format and searchable online via the Mississippi Digital Library.


University Publications

Desegregation Materials

The anthology "The Price We Paid: An Anthology of the Desegregation of Mississippi State College for Women" was created in 2016 as part of the Those Who Dared event series commemorating the 50th anniversary of desegregation. It is composed of student literary, historiographical, and artistic submissions; previous student work from the Dilettanti literary annual; snippets from oral histories conducted from 2011-2016; and primary source documents.

Copyright for the student submissions and work from the Dilettanti belongs to the authors. Copyright for the oral histories belongs either to Mississippi University for Women or to Columbus-Lowndes County Public Library. Copyright for other material belongs to Mississippi University for Women.

A substantial digital exhibit on desegregation at The W, In Their Footsteps, contains over 40 pages with images as well as audio clips taken from oral histories.

This subject guide on desegregation/civil rights at Mississippi State College for Women can be used to see our physical holdings on the subject.

OH LADY Magazine

Only three issues of the OH LADY humor magazine were published. MSCW sophomore Eudora Welty was a cartoonist for all three issues, and probably wrote some of the satirical poetry which is left unsigned. 

Ephemera Literary Magazine

EPHEMERA literary magazine was published during the late 1930s through the 1940s and was the predecessor to The Dilettanti. All files are in .pdf format.

Industrial Institute & College Catalogs

These are catalogs from the Industrial Institute and College, the original name of Mississippi University for Women.

 OH LADY  Ephemera II&C Catalogs
April 1927 November 1938 1889-1890
May 1927 February 1939 1890-1891
June 1927   1892-1893

College Yearbooks

Meh Lady 1902 Meh Lady 1909 Spectator 1915* Meh Lady 1927
Meh Lady 1904 Meh Lady 1910 Spectator 1916* Meh Lady 1928
Meh Lady 1905 Meh Lady 1911 Spectator 1919* Meh Lady 1929
Meh Lady 1906 Meh Lady 1912 Meh Lady 1922 Meh Lady 1930
Meh Lady 1907 Spectator 1913* Meh Lady 1923 Meh Lady 1931
Meh Lady 1908 Spectator 1914* Meh Lady 1926  

No Meh Lady was produced during these years; the May issue of The Spectator was used as a substitute yearbook.


Reference Files

The archives maintains a collection of copies of newspaper articles, programs, brochures, and other ephemera for ready reference on a variety of topics relating to Mississippi University for Women. Such topics include (among other things) notable people, locations around campus, events, and campus offices and departments, as well as topical headings from a survey of students taken during the 1960s. Persons with three or more items are given their own file; all others are kept together, alphabetized by last name, in a single file labeled "biography." Materials are regularly added to the vertical files from newspapers around the state, online articles from Mississippi media, and publicity and other items printed from MUW campus offices.

Note: there are no cross references in the listings, so one may need to consider multiple possible headings, both general and specific, to find all relevant material.

Current Vertical File Headings (pdf) -- updated 05/2021

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