General library use

Fant Memorial Library aims to provide a pleasant, inclusive, and safe environment to its patrons. To that end, each library patron is expected to treat resources, space, and other patrons with civility and respect. We ask that all patrons refrain from engaging in disruptive behavior while in the library and while using library equipment and library resources. Examples of disruptive behavior include (1) viewing photographs, videos, and websites with obscene and/or vulgar content, (2) generating excessively loud sounds (electronic or otherwise) to the extent that it disrupts nearby patrons, (3) or any other activities which would interrupt another library patron’s right to freely use the library spaces and resources. Fant Memorial Library reserves the right to expel any person whose behavior violates this use policy.

Food and Drink

Food and drink is allowed in the library, but patrons are expected to discard food waste into the garbage and keep spaces where food is enjoyed clean for the next person who uses the space. Food deliveries are allowed during regular hours, but patrons are responsible for meeting the delivery person. Fant Library staff will not accept deliveries on behalf of patrons.

Updated: March 2019, June 2021