The 3D printer and scanning services are available to MUW and MSMS faculty, staff, and students only.

Printing is done on a first-come, first-served basis via the “3D Printing Request” form. Priority will be given to Academic projects, please allow 3-5 business days for these prints. If an academic print is needed by a deadline, we require submission 3-5 business days prior to the date. This information must be included on the submission form.

If you are printing personal objects, the wait time varies based on the current queue status. To check the status of a print, please email us ( or stop by the Information Desk.

3D Printing 101

Students have the ability to be involved in the 3D printing process. If so desired, the student should select the 3D Printing 101 option on the “3D Printing Request” form. The staff will reach out to the student to schedule an appointment to start their 3D print. During the process, we will show the student what it takes to import their file into the 3D slicer software and set it up for printing. We will then start the print process and explain how the process works while their object is printing. The session should last 20-30 minutes, and the student will be notified when their object is finished printing.

3D Printing

3D Print Requests Restrictions

  • Personal Prints: Not limited, but subject to review by Fant Library staff.
    • Prints must not exceed 100 grams of material
    • Only one print per submission (No Duplicates)
    • Limited to 10 personal prints per semester
  • Academic Prints: Includes class assignments, design projects, and active research projects. Academic jobs are not limited, but are subject to review by Fant library staff.
    • No restriction on volume of printing
    • All submissions should be submitted 3-5 business days before due-date.
    • All submissions must provide the course or organization name and the instructor or faculty advisor associated with the project.
  • File Format: .stl, .obj, or .thing files
  • One personal print at a time. Please wait until you have picked up your finished print before submitting a new request.
  • You will be contacted if you are approaching the printing size and constraints, and we will work with you to make your object print.

Print Submission

  • Fill out the 3D Printing Request form
    • Answer all of the fields within the form and if there are special instructions for the objects, please include that in the specifications box.
    • Attach .stl, .obj, or .thing files
  • If you have multiple objects to submit, complete separate forms. Only submit one submission form for each project ( if the project has multiple parts with different files convert to a zip file and attach)
  • If you are printing a design project for a class or team, please include the class, project or team the print is for and if there is a completion timeframe.

Submission Received

  • Someone from our 3D printing staff will send a confirmation email within 12-24 hours after your form and files are submitted. If any additional information is needed, it will be included in the email.
  • Print times vary based on size and complexity of your objects, please allow time for completion. Please email the staff to check on the lead-time and availability.

Pick Up

  • You will be notified via email when your print job is ready for pickup
  • Please bring your school ID card
  • Prints will be held on the first floor, please pickup at the checkout / return desk.

Printed objects will be kept up to three weeks at the checkout / return desk. After three weeks, objects will become the property of Fant Library and may be disposed of at that time. After the submission has been printed and the print has been picked up or the three-week time limit to pick up the object is over, the submitted file will be deleted.

Terms of Use

Mississippi University for Women – Fant Memorial Library’s 3D printers will not print models that may result in legal action against the University, its employees, and/or students. Fant Library’s 3D printers may be used only for lawful purposes. Mississippi University for Women Fant Library staff reserves the right to refuse or deny any 3D print and scanning request for any reason.

Fant Memorial Library’s 3D printers and scanners may be used only for lawful purposes and may not be used to create files or objects that are:

  1. Prohibited by local, state or federal law
  2. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others
  3. The production of weapons, facsimiles of weapons, or replicas of weapons is prohibited. This includes parts of weapons, ammunition, toys, mounts, holders, accessories, and defensive as well as offensive weapons.
  4. Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the library environment
  5. Pornographic
  6. In violation of anothers intellectual property rights. For example, reproduction of material subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.
  7. Commercial printing (no items intended for sale)
  8. Likely to fail or print incorrectly or cause damage to 3D printer or scanner

Fant Library is not responsible for any damage, loss, or security of data arising from the use of its computers or network, nor for the functionality or quality of content produced on the 3D printer or scanner.
All submissions are subject to approval based on scheduling and availability. There may be times that the printer or scanner is malfunctioning, being repaired, or is being used for an event or a course. During such times, the 3D printer or scanner may be unavailable for use and there will be a delay in approving submissions and printing objects. Any significant lapses in printing time will be noted on the Fab Lab LibGuide.


3D Printing

Users may see slight imperfections in their 3D prints. Small bumps, holes, or rough edges on the object might occur when objects are 3D printed. You can clean up some of the imperfections with fine sand papers or other tools. There may be instances where objects with multiple pieces or movable parts do not precisely fit together.

The printer builds objects from the ground up. There are instances when certain parts will require supports, all of our objects are printed on a raft to ensure proper printing, Supports are often needed if the design has overhangs or parts suspend in mid-air. These parts are easily removable by the user. Staff is not responsible for removing any supports for the user; however, the staff will remove the raft if time permits.

3D Scanning

Users may see slight imperfections or inaccurate objects when 3D scanning. Holes, incomplete object images, overlapping scanned images, images may not appear on screen or images may appear out of shape when objects are 3D scanned. To successfully scan an image, users should consider the object color, surrounding background, lighting and surrounding environment when scanning.