Digital Studies Minor Logo

LEARN. The digital studies minor teaches you to think about representing objects, words, people, and content in a digital environment.

CREATE. All students who complete the digital studies minor will create a project related to their major that will show off the impressive skills you learned and the research you conducted. Amaze potential employers or prospective graduate schools with your digital studies project!

EXPERIENCE. The digital studies minor will prepare you with skills and hands-on experience with digital tools to manipulate, visualize, translate, and experiment with digital information. No prior experience with coding is necessary!


ART 195 – Computers in Art
ENT 280 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MIS 488 – Mobile Application Development
MKT 455 – Internet Marketing
MKT 495 – Marketing Research
COM 325 – Visual Design
COM 310 – Digital Culture
EN 317 – Technical And Business Writing
HIS 329 – Medieval Europe 1000-1500
PHL 205 – Logic
POL 201 – Affecting Political Change