QEP Selection Process & Proposals

QEP Proposal Introduction

In Fall 2021, the QEP Committee placed an open call for submissions for proposals on the topic of the Quality Enhancement Plan.

The QEP Committee conducted two instructional sessions on Nov. 10th and 12th, a recording of one of the sessions as well as slides are linked below.

Session Recording Session Slides Session Flyer

QEP Process Information Documents

QEP Overview – This document details basic information regarding the purpose and process of the QEP, start here if you have no idea what a QEP is.

QEP Criteria –  This document details the process through which SACSCOC will evaluate our QEP, as well as provides an overview of proposal content.

QEPs: Lists and Summaries Since 2007 – This link has all of the QEPs reviewed by SACSCOC since 2007, summarized. It’s a great place for ideas!

An Evaluative Framework for the QEP  – This is the rubric the committee and SACSCOC will be using to evaluate QEP Proposals

Resource Manual for The Principles of Accreditation, Standard 7.2, page 58 – This link leads to the resource manual for SACSCOC’s evaluation of the QEP.

QEP SACSCOC Policy Statement  – This document details the process through which SACSCOC evaluates the QEP & QEP Process.

The three proposals selected using community feedback will receive $1,000.  The final QEP proposal selected from these three will receive an additional $2,500. 

Revised Final Selection

Core Skills for Success: Preparing Graduates for Life-Long Achievement

Author: Dr. David Brooking, Ed.D.

QEP Proposals – Final Drafts

Learning from Looking Within
Core Skills for Success: Preparing Graduates for Lifelong Achievement
What a Great IDEA! – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access

QEP Proposal Committee 2022

Dr. Mea Ashley
Director of Student Life
Office of Student Affairs
Ms. Hannah Bascomb
Instructor of Nursing
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Mr. Russell Brandon
QEP Proposal Committee Chair
Director, Kossen Center for Teaching & Learning
Faculty, Fant Memorial Library
Ms. Christy Dickerson
Instructor of Accounting
College of Business and Professional Studies
Dr. Hope Durst
Instructor of Education in Residence
School of Education
Ms. Kelly Hollowell
Intermediate Math Developer
Student Success Center
Ms. Carla Lowery
Chief Information Officer
SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Andrew Nguyen
Assistant Professor of Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences

Proposal Timeline

November 4: Criteria and process information distributed to campus.

November 10 & 12: Informational sessions/webinars/listening sessions

February 7: All Proposals Due to QEP Team (Date Revised from 1/31)

February 8: Proposals published on QEP website for campus review and comments

February 21: Campus Review period closes

February 26: All proposal creators are notified of any recommended changes to be considered to move forward in the process

Timeline adjusted – 3/24/2022

March 28 (Date Revised from March 24): Resubmissions with any changes due, Top 3 Proposals Selected

April 1 to April 15 (Date Revised from March 30 to April 13): Proposals reviewed by QEP Team, PIE Council, Administrative Council, and President’s Cabinet and campus community

April 20 (Date Revised from April 15): QEP proposal announced

Click here to view instructions provided to the MUW Campus Community and initial proposal drafts

Proposed Quality Enhancement Plans

The following proposals were initial submissions by MUW Stakeholders and part of the first review of QEP drafts. The description below was provided to the MUW community for the purpose of reviewing proposals for feedback to be distributed to QEP authors.

The following proposals have been submitted for feedback from the campus community. Please keep in mind that these proposals will be adjusted based on community feedback and established guidelines set forth by the SACSCOC. It should be noted that all proposals are subject to change based on feedback received.

Learning from Looking Within – initial draft 

Soft Skills for Success: Preparing Graduates for Lifelong Achievement – initial draft

What a Great IDEA! – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access – initial draft

QEP Submission FAQ

We’ve gotten some great questions and requests for clarification regarding the QEP, here are a couple that might be of concern to those looking to submit –

“How long does my QEP Proposal need to be?”

An initial proposal may be as long as 5 pages, focusing on the following  

  1. Topic Details – a brief literature review detailing the importance of the topic
  2. Topic Rationale – any evidence or literature couching the topic in regard to the MUW community
  3. Student Learning Objectives – attachment of the topic to specific and measurable student learning outcomes
  4. Resources/Budget – list & detail of expected resources needed as well as departmental units and how they may contribute to the topic
  5. Assessment/Evaluation – measures and expectations for assessing the progress of the QEP in regard to the topic proposed

The word document below provides an even better overview of the necessary components, but please keep in mind that 10 pages is an upper limit for proposals!

 QEP Proposal Template

“Are the proposals supposed to be complete?”

Our timescale for the QEP means that many of the proposals submitted will not have fully detailed budgets and resources lists, and may still need adjustments to rationale and assessments. Our goal in opening a review period after the January 31st submission date is to provide authors with feedback from both the committee and community, which will allow for authors to update, modify, and develop ideas and plans in their initial proposal.For examples of initial proposals from our 2012 QEP, please use the link below: