Quality Enhancement Plan 2024 Overview

Action Plan

MUW’s QEP, Empowering Your Journey, is a five-year plan that will support student success by promoting professional development and career readiness inside and outside the classroom. We want to help students engage in high-impact learning and create the kind of career competencies that they can talk about with potential employers. The QEP action plan is a plan designed to suit the needs of MUW students specifically and help them achieve the learning objectives.

1. Implement career-readiness initiatives in the first year experience and UN 101.

2. Develop career exploration opportunities for first generation and at-risk students.

3. Redesign and develop career exploration and planning resources, online and face to face, through the Center for Career Services and Professional Development.

4. Implement the use of ePortfolios and portfolios in academic programs.

5. Develop toolkits for faculty and others to incorporate career-based assignments into courses across the curriculum.

6. Create a marketing campaign and faculty committee to promote the value of the General Education curriculum.

7. Create additional and enhance existing opportunities for high impact learning.

8. Create co-curricular professional development programming.

All of the actions focus on student work and activities. At MUW, we believe that incorporating career-readiness programming into the classes students have to take as part of their major is the most effective way to reach our students. The QEP is designed to engage with students on career readiness programming in ways suited to their major. This means that career-readiness is not one more thing busy students have to do in their day—it is embedded in the courses for their major and is part of their educational journey from their first week on campus until graduation.

A major aspect of the QEP’s work with will be housed in a redesigned Center for Career Services and Professional Development. The Professional Development Certificate Program will be housed there and the Center will act as a clearinghouse for internship opportunities across campus. Additional new strategies include the creation of faculty toolkits and an emphasis on ePortfolio development. We will also build on what we already do, such as make better use of Engage to help students track their co-curricular activities and create more complete co-curricular transcripts.

For more information on the action plan of MUW’s QEP, please see Chapter 4 of Empowering Your Journey.