Security Cameras

Administrative Procedures

Mississippi University for Women will permit the use of security cameras to enhance campus safety and security, while respecting the privacy rights of the University community and public, and maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and policies.  Security cameras may also be used by MSMS and other contractors, such as Barnes & Noble, GCA and Sodexo.  These cameras must be registered with the MUWPD, and a copy of the policies and procedures governing their use should be on file with the MUWPD.

  • All security cameras on campus must be registered with the MUWPD. 
  • The MUWPD will provide direct supervision of the use of University security equipment.
  • The MUWPD will maintain an inventory of video security equipment installed on campus.
  • The MUWPD and Information Technology Services will maintain a list of all of the individuals on campus with access to security equipment, including individuals with administrative access and individuals with access to review recordings.
  • All individuals on campus with access to University security equipment will participate in training, and will sign a statement indicating they have received training.  The training will include the role of security equipment in student conduct matters and in criminal investigations. 
  • Any misconduct that is captured on camera, and viewed by an employee or contractor, must be reported to the appropriate authorities (ex: the Dean of Students, Human Resources, and the MUWPD), using established procedures.
  • The MUWPD can authorize removal/reinstallation of any University camera.
  • University security cameras are not actively monitored under normal operating conditions but may be monitored for legitimate safety and security purposes.
  • Records produced by University security cameras shall be available only to authorized officials of The W and/or appropriate law enforcement agencies.  In order for materials to be provided to authorized agencies, the MUWPD must receive a duly issued subpoena.  Individuals wishing to have video recordings reviewed must submit the Security Camera Viewing Request Form, indicating justification for the request, to the MUWPD.
  • Security cameras may not be used to intrude upon the privacy of any member of the university community.  Cameras will not be placed in areas where an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as student rooms in the residence halls, bathrooms, locker rooms, or treatment rooms in the Health Center. 
  • Unauthorized installation, and/or misuse, of cameras on campus may result in disciplinary action.
  • The MUWPD and Information Technology Services will determine locations of University video cameras.  Departments wishing to install cameras must complete the Request for Security Camera Form and follow these procedures:
    • Approval of the Director (if applicable), Department Chair (if applicable), Dean (if applicable), and Cabinet Member must be forwarded to the MUWPD and to Information Technology Services.
    • The MUWPD and Information Technology Services will review the video security system requested to ensure the equipment is compliant with the University system.
    • The department requesting the system must inform the MUWPD and Information Technology Services of the length of time recorded files can be retained by the system, and the department must be responsible for retaining the recorded files for that amount of time. 
    • The MUWPD and Information Technology Services will approve or deny the request to install cameras.
    • Approval or denial of the request will be provided to the requesting Department.  Denials will include justification for denying the request.
    • Purchasing of hardware, software, installation services, etc., must follow standard procurement procedures. 
    • Information Technology Services must review contracts and specifications prior to any purchase of hardware, software, installation services, etc. 
    • The division/department must maintain written approval in the building manager’s office.
  • All existing, and new, uses of security cameras on campus will be required to comply with these procedures. Exceptions may be made by the MUWPD in the course of investigations.

View the Security Camera Viewing Request Form.(.pdf)

View the Request for Security Camera(s) Form.(.pdf)

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