Students, faculty, and staff can register their bicycle through the MUW Police Department. Bike registration can be completed at any time at the MUW Police Department in McDevitt Hall.

Registering your bike can help the MUW Police Department recover a bicycle in the event it is lost or stolen.

Theft Prevention Tips

Most bicycle thefts are due to unlocked or improperly locked bikes. Follow these tips to prevent your bike from being stolen:

1.         Never leave your bike unlocked

2.         Always use a high-quality U-lock or chain. For added security, use both.

3.         Always lock your bike to a bike rack; never to a tree, handrail, or pole. Be sure to secure the frame and front wheel to the rack.



To register your bicycle with the MUW Police Department, the bicycle will need a serial number. The serial number is usually found in one of five places on your bicycle (see image below). The most common location is on the underside of the bike or number 1 in the image. If the bicycle does not have a serial number, a unique number can be inscribed on the frame by MUWPD.

1 – Bottom bracket (underside crank)
2 – Top of Bottom bracket (upper crank)
3 – Chain Stays (left or right side)
4 – Seat Tube (bottom, near crank)
5 – Headset (front of and below handlebars)

All bicycle operators must follow local and state regulations and laws concerning bicycles.

Unclaimed Bicycles

Two weeks after May graduation, university police will impound all abandoned or unregistered bikes. The university is not responsible for damage to these bicycles or their locks.