COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Library Information

The library is open to MUW and MSMS students, faculty, and staff. The W requires everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a face covering inside all buildings and maintain appropriate physical distance from others.

Library Vision

Vision Statement

Fant Memorial Library is committed to bringing targeted, innovative resources and services to the MUW community to facilitate excellence in teaching, research, and learning—both online and in-person.  To that end, we provide the technologies, materials, spaces, and expert support to further classroom explorations and stimulate intellectual curiosity. We aim to be the heart of our campus, a place where students and faculty can “study for light to bless with light.”

Strategic Priorities and Goals, 2018-2021

I. The library will investigate and adopt resources and services to create an information and technology-rich environment for meeting the changing teaching, research, and learning needs of the 21st Century University by:

  1. Creating a culture of iterative assessment
  2. Building partnerships with library vendors
  3. Building relationships with peer institutions
  4. Investing in professional development and networking opportunities
  5. Staying abreast of current developments in the library field
  6. Allocating/focusing resources on emerging and nascent university priorities
  7. Creating a proactive and fertile information services environment for faculty to develop curricula and promote research

II. The library will improve access to library collections, resources, and services in order to support teaching, learning, and research by the university community by:

  1. Iteratively assessing the library’s website and online resources
  2. Evaluating vendor-based resources for accessibility
  3. Improving equity of access
  4. Promoting resources and tools broadly to campus populations
  5. Leveraging emerging technologies
  6. Providing educational opportunities for lifelong learning outside the classroom
  7. Extending library hours to improve access
  8. Organize, promote, and encourage student research

III. The library will preserve and share the history, research, and creative output of the university in order to encourage academic engagement and cultivate intellectual curiosity by:

  1. Leveraging digital technologies to improve access to faculty and student scholarship
  2. Improving access to and increase the library’s digital holdings
  3. Creating a research nexus around Mississippi Women’s History & Leadership
  4. Surfacing hidden collections within University Archives
  5. Developing a records management schedule to preserve university history and comply with relevant state law
  6. Preserve university records that have enduring value

IV. The library will provide distance students with services and resources comparable to those for on campus students in order to foster community, increase engagement, and enhance learning by:

  1. Assessing the needs of online and distance student populations
  2. Investigating specialized library services, tools, and other resources tailored to online and distance students
  3. Leveraging university technology investments to develop new tools and methods for serving online populations
  4. Connecting online students to the university library experience

V. The library will continually develop the expertise of the library faculty, staff, and student workers to keep ahead of the needs of the 21st Century University by:

  1. Seeking out and investing in professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  2. Fostering a culture of participation in the professional library discourses
  3. Bringing experts to campus to participate in and offer programming
  4. Mentoring library student assistants
  5. Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of faculty, staff, and students

VI. The library will recruit, attract, and retain a diverse faculty and staff to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse university and local community by:

  1. Creating a reputation for the MUW Library as welcoming and promoting diversity within the profession
  2. Connect with underrepresented communities of library professionals
  3. Recruit and retain diverse colleagues through relationships, networking, and internal professional development

VII. The library will build relationships with alumni and donors to enable the library to meet the constantly evolving needs of the 21st Century University by:

  1. Developing materials to tell the library’s story to donors
  2. Delineating explicit needs for the library
  3. Building and maintaining relationships with alumni
  4. Expanding the Friends of the Library base
  5. Host events for donors in the library