24 Hour Study Space Policies

How to apply for access to a study room:

  • Fill out the User Agreement form for the 24/7 Room.
  • Fant Library faculty or staff will forward your application to the Dean of Students to verify that the patron is in good standing.

How to access the 24/7 room:

  • Access to the 24-hour study space is restricted to currently enrolled students of MUW who submit a User Agreement Form and have been approved.  
  • You will need to have a Galaxy-enabled MUW student ID card.  Your Galaxy-enabled MUW student ID Card will need to be activated by the Fant Library personnel BEFORE you will be able to access the 24 hour study space.
  • If you do not have a Galaxy-enabled MUW student ID card, you will need to obtain one from the MUW Police Department, located in McDevitt Hall, during normal business hours (8am-5pm, Monday through Friday).
  • To enter the 24 hour study space, you will be required to swipe your activated MUW student ID card through the reader at the back entrance door near the café.