COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Library Information

In keeping with the current advice of public health officials, the University closed the physical library until further notice, with the exception of the 24/7 Lab. This is for the protection of the campus and the library staff and faculty. The library will remain open VIRTUALLY for our normal semester hours via chat/email/text/zoom/phone, and all library materials have been renewed until September 1st. Interlibrary loan is available for articles and chapters, and ebooks are purchased on request. Sign up for 24/7 access below. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 662-329-7332 with any questions.

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The W’s Fant Memorial Library is the only library in the state, or even in the surrounding states, to have an Automated Storage and Retrieval System.  In 2017, the campus named ours Athena after the Goddess of Wisdom (who conveniently also is represented by an owl).  Built with a $1.8 million bond fund as part of our recently completed, top-to-bottom, ten-year renovation, she currently holds more than 160,000 books, DVDs, microfilm, and more in her 2400 storage compartments.  With two laser-guided arms, she is able to quickly and conveniently retrieve lower-use items from a three-story complex.  As soon as a library patron clicks on the “Retrieve It From Athena” button in the Online Catalog, Athena’s arms swing into action, pulling the appropriate storage container, while notifying our library staff and student assistants that a book is in queue.  Because patrons are logged into our system to request items from Athena, our staff are able to print a ticket with the patron’s name and route the materials to the Check-out/Returns desk to wait for pickup.  

Want to browse books instead? Visit our second floor Circulating Collection and browse more than 80,000 high-use volumes. 

Want a tour of Athena?  Contact the Information Desk (662-329-7332, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  We love showing her off!

Have a question about using the library’s resources or services? Don’t hesitate to Ask Athena!

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