Outreaches and Community Service

The Mississippi Hall of Master Teachers/Institute for New Teachers was established in 1993 at MUW to provide a support for beginning teachers. The Institute received an Award of Excellence in 1994 from the Mississippi Public Educaton Forum. The annual event is held jointly with the Mississippi Hall of Master Teachers ceremonies.

Since 1994, the Teacher Education Unit has received Eisenhower and No Child Left Behind Grants from Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning.  These grants have provided local teachers with enrichment in science, mathematics, and social studies.

The Summer Discovery enrichment program for gifted students in grades K-6 was established in 1992. The one-week, full-day program offers opportunities for bright students to discover their own areas of interest and potential while interacting with other students from across the Golden Triangle area who have similar interests and abilities. The program is conducted for one week in June of each year at the Columbus campus.

The Teachers of the Gifted Instructional Forum (TGIF) was established in the spring of 1994 to provide outreach to teachers of the gifted across the State of Mississippi. The bi-annual forums focus on current issues and strategies related to the field of Gifted Studies.

The Sonia Kovalesvsky High School Mathematics Day, begun in 1998, provides a day of mathematics activities organized for high school girls and their teachers.  The purpose is to encourage and inspire young women to continue their study of mathematics and prepare for possible careers in mathematics-related fields.  Participating teachers benefit from inservice workshops.

Since 1992, the Teacher Education unit has provided, in conjunction with the Mississippi Forestry Commission, Project Learning Tree workshops each semester.

Teacher Education faculty members serve as active resources for the educational community through publication, presentations at state, national, and international meetings, and staff development consultation for area schools.