Dr. Josh Hanes, Associate Professor Mathematics, has a message for sky watchers:

Dr. Josh Hanes, wearing protective solar glasses, pointing at the sun.

Just wanted to remind everyone that a partial solar eclipse is coming up on Saturday, October 14th 2023. In Mississippi it starts around 10:30 am and should get back to normal by 1:45 pm.

This will be a what astronomers call an annular eclipse. The moon will pass between the Earth and the sun, and will cover most but not all of the sun’s disc. The edges will peak out.

How an annular eclipse works.

If you want to observe this annular eclipse, make sure you use the correct protective solar eclipse glasses. Do not use sunglasses or opaque lenses. Glasses must be certified for viewing solar eclipses. Looking at the sun even for a short period of time with protective lenses can damage your eyes, so be careful.

Have a happy eclipse!