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Our classes are small and our students are treated as individuals and as part of a caring community. Interaction with faculty members through classroom, laboratory, and research experiences prepares students to be productive members of society. Students are well prepared to enter the classroom as teachers, continue on for graduate degrees, enter professional programs, or find suitable employment. Strong communication, technology, and critical thinking skills allow for continued personal and intellectual growth upon graduation.

Faculty members at The W are committed to undergraduate teaching and research. They know their students by name, are aware of strengths and weaknesses of each student, and provide mentoring and encouragement to assist students in fully developing their knowledge and skills. All lecture and laboratory courses from freshman through senior level courses are taught by faculty members and are small enough to provide a personalized learning environment.

A Legacy of Affordable Quality

Science and mathematics study has been at the core of The W since the university was founded in the 19th century. Alumnae and alumni from The W have gone on to pursue careers with major universities, government agencies, and local school districts. Our graduates have forged scientific advances in healthcare, calculated trajectories of missions to space, and developed generations of STEM students.

The university was founded in 1884 with the purpose of educating the under-served populations of Mississippi, and it is a tradition we strongly believe in to this day. The W consistently ranks as one of the best public universities in the Southeast according to U.S. News & World Report and Washington Monthly. Our commitment to an affordable education means we have one of the lowest tuition rates in the region.

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Banner - #1 Least Debt Amoung Regional Universities in the South

Making Higher Education Affordable

Cost shouldn't be a barrier. At The W it won't be. We believe that the cost of a college education should not be a deterrent to your pursuit of earning a bachelor's degree. The W has kept tuition among the lowest in the Southeast. We offer that same low tuition to residents of every state, and a range of scholarships, and grants to help you pay for your education.

See for yourself! Our Net Price Calculators can tell you what you can expect to pay in tuition and the scholarships you are eligible to receive.

No Out-of-State Fees

We've eliminated all Out-of-State Fees, so no matter where you are from, you can get the same great education for the same price as a Mississippi resident. Really!

Scholarships Opportunities
Unlike larger universities, our undergraduate students have the opportunity to work with the faculty on grant-funded research. Many students complete a faculty/student research project or internship either at MUW or at another institution during the summer.
The W believes you should receive the support you need to complete you degree. The university has resources available to help you achieve your goals.
Our graduates are well prepared for the next step in their academic and/or professional lives. Students continue on to graduate school, industry positions, teaching positions, and professional programs.

The W Life

We know college is not just about academics. Here at The W, it's easy to find a fit in one of more than 70 student organizations. You can plan a concert, compete in intramural sports, serve in student government, participate in a social club, sorority, or fraternity. You can even start your own organization. There's plenty to do!

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What's Next?

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