Mathematics at The W

The mathematics program is an integral part of the small college atmosphere of The W. Our classes are small and taught by outstanding faculty members who love mathematics and love teaching. Every student is treated as an individual. Our program provides quality instruction, individual academic advising by faculty members, a range of student activities, and guidance as to the next step after obtaining a degree from The W.

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Undergraduate Student Research

Many students complete a faculty/student research project or internship either at MUW or at another institution during the summer.

Research Opportunities

Mathematics Majors

The major requirements for the Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Science degrees are identical. BA students are required to take additional coursework in foreign languages, while BS students are required to take additional laboratory science courses. Students pursuing a teaching certificate must take the BS track to meet the qualifications for licensure.,%20BA
Study mathematics with an added emphasis on Liberal Arts.,%20BS
Study mathematics with an added emphasis on Natural Sciences.,%20BS%20-%20Secondary%20Education%20Certification
We offer excellent preparation for teaching mathematics at the secondary (7-12) level.

Mathematics Scholarships

The W has several scholarships through the MUW Foundation that are specifically for Mathematics and Mathematics with Secondary Education Certification majors. These scholarships are made possible by generous donors to support current students. Awardees are selected at the discretion of the mathematics faculty and are awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

Mathematics Scholarships

Careers & Graduate Studies in Mathematics

MUW graduates in Mathematics are well prepared for the next step in their academic and/or professional lives. Students continue on to graduate school, industry positions, teaching positions, and professional programs.

STEM Career Development