Students in Dr. Nicole Welch’s BS 400 Senior Seminar course recently practiced a full round of MMIs (multiple mini interviews), the interview style used by most medical schools and professional programs.

A BS 400 student does an MMI with Dr. Fortenberry.

MMIs are one-on-one sessions where students have 2 minutes to read a scenario and 8 minutes to discuss the scenario with the interviewer. The students rotate through several interviewers one after another, discussing a new, different scenario with each interviewer.

The volunteer interviewers were MUW faculty, Dr. Ross Whitwam, Dr. Dionne Fortenberry, Dr. Kristi DeClemente, and Dr. Erinn Holloway, and MUW professional staff, Elise Wilson and Delilah Schmidt.

A BS 400 student undergoes an MMI with Dr. Whitwam.

The BS 400 Senior Seminar course is required of all senior Biology majors and is geared towards the students’ transitions to their next professional step, whether that is graduate school, professional studies, or onward to careers.